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Note Template Sample Descriptions

When you need to leave a message for a workmate, you may need to leave a note on his desk. Notes can also be used to record important details that are prone to be forgotten. For these things, you usually only need to write what you want to convey / record on a piece of paper.

However, for certain notes, for example longer notes, you need to write that information in a professional-looking note template. This type of note will usually be submitted to companies or officials.

To help you make notes easier, we provide sample templates that you can download directly for free. Here are some examples:

Free Download Sample Promissory Note Template

Promissory Note is a financial tool in the form of a written record of someone’s promise to pay some money to someone else. Promissory Note has a number of objectives and advantages as follows: it can specify when payments will be made, is short and does not need to be authorized, and can attract the attention of potential investors.

Free Download Sample Advice Note Template

This template can be used to give advice to someone or a group of people regarding payment or remittance.

Free Download Sample Demand Note Sample

This template is good for everything related to finance. Demand notes are basically loan requests without a fixed term or payment schedule. It is relatively informal so it is usually common among family and friends.

Free Download Sample Excuse Note Template

Use this template to tell you why you or someone did not come to work, for example due to an absence or an emergency.

Free Download Sample Progress Note Template

This template is ideally used to show the development or progress of something, for example a project being worked on or the health condition of a patient undergoing therapy.

Free Download Sample Work Note Template

Notes written in work notes are usually related to working conditions such as returning from work or social work.

Free Download Sample Welcome Note Template

A Welcome Note is a note given to a guest, be it a hotel guest, meeting participant, or trial guest. This note usually contains instructions and order.

Free Download Sample Case Note Template

These records are usually used in court settings, containing a summary and analysis of court decisions on the case being tried.

Free Download Sample Briefing Note Template

For business purposes, the notes given are usually in the form of briefing notes. This brief note contains the key points of a business plan.

Free Download Sample Novel Plotting Template

A writer can use a novel plotting template to write down the important points of a novel idea and then arrange it so that the story can be coherent. always try to provide sample template notes that are requested by many people. Save your energy and effort to take notes from scratch with easy-to-customize templates on this site. Sample note templates are available in various file types including Word and Excel.