A no show appointment letter is often used for a patient who misses his/her consultation appointment with a professional doctor. Skipping existing appointments without prior notice is detrimental to a wide range of parties, from experienced doctors, treating clinics, and other patients distracted by schedule changes. A patient wishing to ignore an appointment confirms in advance that he or she cannot attend a pre-planned consultation.

157. Use No Show Appointment Letter for Missed Appointment Notifications

What is a no show policy?

“No show” is an act of abandonment of appointments for a planned consultation without informing and confirming it. Surely this can be detrimental to some parties who have prepared in such a way as to the existing talks. There are several policies for some clinics that charge for missed appointments. Using a no show appointment letter is a practical solution to inform you of the policy of abandonment assignments.

How to write a no show appointment letter

In writing a no show appointment letter, there are several points that you can pay attention to and follow, such as:

  1. Acknowledge that the patient is valued
  2. Customize the formal language style
  3. Explain the rules of appointment waiver
  4. Keep the tone friendly

Great samples you can emulate

You can use the example below to notify you of an appointment waiver.

Dear Mrs. Patricia

Our professional doctor and I expect you to be fine at this time without any obstacles. On behalf of the clinic, we would like to thank you for your loyalty to using our medical services for your health consultation needs. You are one of our many favorite patients who have been our highly respected patients for the past five years. Based on our clinic consultation visit data, you have missed an appointment with our professional doctor on January 2, 2020, at 10:00 am. Since this is a missed appointment for the first time, we grant waivers, i.e., no fines charged to you. Following applicable regulations, a person who misses an appointment without notice will be subject to an $80.00 penalty.

Of course, patient satisfaction is our dedication to providing satisfactory health services. When we schedule appointments, we strive to set aside the time and allocation of our professional physician schedules to meet our various patients’ needs. When a patient misses an appointment, our professional doctor is entirely unemployed, and the doctor loses his precious time. Of course, all patient schedules will change.

We understand very well the conditions you are experiencing, so you have to go through an appointment. To avoid the problems, it is better to contact our clinic within 24 hours before the appointment that you cannot attend. Contact our staff at (000)-000-0000 for more references. Thank you!

Best Regards

Aaron Hills

Missed patients will certainly harm some of the related parties. Use the no show appointment letter to confirm patients who miss an appointment.

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