News production assistant resume sample job description is to provide both administrative and clerical support. This support is intended to help the senior production staff within the company. Other than this responsibility, the assistant will involve in various activities. Those activities cover travel to locations organizing, equipment management, copies of scripts making, and schedules and contracts organizing.

Kyle Charvollete

8767 Baumbach Camp, Boston, MA, Phone: +1 (555) 223 8767


                                                Dallas, TX

                                                02/2017 – present

  • Give assistance in various aspects of newsroom operations to help the editors and the management
  • Assist in ensuring the newscasts of high quality to the related department
  • Use logistical setup for on-air shows to offer and provide the assistance
  • Work in collaboration to make news pre-production and editing with the technical directors and producers
  • Make collaboration with the directors and producers to take care of various things, including studio lighting, cameras, video playback, audio control, etc.
  • Find both videos and keep necessary material as needed
  • Do daily editing of news videos and packages, either in and out of the studio


Los Angeles, CA

07/2014 – 01/2017

  • Assist the newscast directors for various work related needs in the workplace
  • Provide training for the necessary individuals as needed by the production company
  • Give the news staff a hand during the coverage of the breaking news so they can get the hang of it
  • Help taking care of the live remote productions and electronic field production
  • Determine the necessary decisions of the sound editorial
  • Make aggressive reaction to the breaking news, be it with or without the management present
  • Do Teleprompter or camera operation and manage the newscasts


Phoenix, AZ

10/2009 – 10/2014

  • Help in taking care of variety of things, like Studio Floor Operations, Cueing Cameras, Operating Light Board, and Morning Newscasts Prompter
  • Operate and manage the lighting for the need of news production of the production company
  • Have responsibility to do phone interviews with the newsmakers
  • Make prior preparation to newscast for studio and have the morning weekday/end newscasts
  • Create daily graphics with the use of Photoshop as well as Rose Expression system
  • Execute the news coverage by sending off the reporters, photographers, and newsgathering personnel


                                                Television Production Bachelor’s Degree


  • Extremely good dependability and positive attitude in doing the workload
  • Good skills of typing and spelling for making scripts or the kinds in written format
  • Ability to work either independently or together as solid team with the others
  • Capability to work in fast paced environment under stress and sensitive situations
  • Communicate and perform the job duties under all sorts of pressures put on
  • Excellent skills of interpersonal and organizational matter for communication
  • Knowledge in the production standards and equipment needed for such need
  • Strong Judgment to make for the news being produced by the company


News Production Assistant Resume Sample

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