Music resume sample is the best idea for you who are talented musician that want to turn the passion into a well-paying career. If you want to be a musician, the first thing that should you do is that you should make sure to have a perfectly tuned musician resume. The musician resume will hit all of the right tones with the prospective employer or clients. To make this one getting better, it is important for you to think about your resume such as musical instrument where those should be well-crafted for all sections.

Besides, you also can compose this sample to present the qualification such as symphony accurately playing for all the meter changes. With the dedication and commitment, anyone can learn a musical instrument and be a good at it although you are not talented enough.

Darren Fletcher

5621, Cantarra Drive, Austin, TX, Phone: (512) 675 2345


Experiences                                       Session Musician/ Live Performer; Self employed

09/ 2015 – present

  • Work together with Derek Truck and the musical manager on the live arrangement
  • Currently on the tour with the Derek Trucks Band as the second guitar player until the end-April 2018
  • Drafts and also conducts with the regulation on all guitars used with the band through the show and according to the set list
  • Demeanor the pre-set and also programming of all guitar properties boxes, pedals, volume master and noise gate for the live show
  • Comprises solos, outros, and lengthy the live jamming session with Derek Truck
  • Explored with Jonny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepherd as the second guitar player
  • Toured together with Rihanna for the lead guitar player during 2015 World Tour
  • Showed the session work and guitar arrangements for Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood and Rihanna

Music instructor/ guitar head, Sam Slinger Music Store, Austin, Texas

03/ 2013 – 03/ 2015

  • Made lesson plans and also exams for the students
  • Selected the main guitar mentor including taught different styles of the guitar from country, rock, classical and jazz
  • Planned and prearranged jam sessions with the students for their trials and also final exams
  • Facilitated the customers that are interested in purchasing a guitar or taking up the instructions
  • Verified the new brands or models guitar that are to be sold in the store
  • Organized the lesson plans and also testes for student
  • Made, directed and also sold online guitar playing program
  • Planned guitar seminars and classroom style training for the group packages
  • Trained different style of guitar playing but with special emphasize on the classical and flamenco music

Education                                            Austin College

Bachelor Degree in Classical Music

American University

                                                                Master Degree in Music


  • Having deep background in music theory
  • Easy to work with other professional musicians
  • Ability to Live performance
  • Able to work with a band
  • Creativity
  • Able to speak bilingual language including English and Spanish
  • Having more than 10 year experiences in the music industry
  • Able to play many music instrument including guitar, piano, 12-string guitar, and bass
  • Expertise in musical arranger
  • Talented to play different styles and also genres of music


Music Resume Sample

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