If you want to keep your home or office organized with great manner, you may need moving inventory. You can actually search the template but it is better if you make it by your own. It is very easy and you can adjust to your needs.

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How to Write a Moving Inventory

Moving inventory template should be started with a title. The title depends on the project. For example, you can simply write Furniture Moving Inventory List or something like that. Then, you can begin creating a table that provides the needed information.

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There are some columns you have to make for the table. It depends on the information you want to provide. Usually, it starts with Quantity (Qty). After that, you need to provide the Item column. Item column lists down the furniture. It can also be broken into some categories.

For example, you can start from Living Room Furniture that includes sofa, stereo cabinet, side table, chairs, book shelf, book case, etc. After that, you can continue with Bedroom Furniture that includes wall shelves, lamp, dresser, longue, bed, bed bunk, desk, mattress, futon, etc.

Bathroom Furniture includes mirror, cabinet, wall shelves, etc. Kitchen Furniture includes wine rack, table, stove, tea cart, barbeque grill, bar, bakers rack, etc. Nursery Furniture includes child table, toy chest, changing table, wall shelves, chair set, etc.

Dining Room Furniture includes chandelier, chairs, cabinet, etc. Home Office Furniture includes computer des, computer screen, computer tower, etc. Laundry Room Furniture includes hamper, dryer, washing machine, etc. And there may still be some other categories like garage, patio, etc.

After mentioning the items of furniture, Moving Inventory form should provide columns that describe some information. For example, you can make columns for weight, description, in/out, etc. Then, provide a column that describes Storage Room Location.

This template is not only for moving home furniture. However, it depends on the moving project. For example, you can make plants and fish moving inventory. You also need to describe the complete plans about the weeks and days before the moving day. So, the moving project can run well.

Sometimes, it also requires you to provide the task name. It makes this more detailed. For example, the task names include reviewing space plans, put in aquarium, put out love sofa, etc. It is also a good idea to include who has the responsibility such as agency, Real Estate division, etc.

Anyway, this is very useful and will save much time for inventory management. This template may be needed by management authorities and inventory management executives. It is made for making analysis and inventory reports. These useful forms can also be adjusted to the requirements needed.

That is all how to make a template of moving inventory. If you have the similar project or task, you can edit this free template. You can also use this as a reference to make your own needed inventory template. Anyway, it helps you keep inventory details stay up to date with the nice documenting.


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