Step by Step How to Make a Money Receipt Template

Money receipt is a document for customer payment. It also functions as a sale record. Considering the importance of it, so you have to know how to write the money receipt template properly. It can aim for documentation, tax purposes or to protect you & your customers.

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Tips to Make a Money Receipt Template

Actually, you can simply purchase a receipt book. In fact, you can find it in many stores. However, it is better if you can make the money receipt form by your own. There are some rules that you have to understand. Here is the detailed step by step that you need to follow.

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First of all, you have to start with the receipt number. Provide the receipt number at the right top of the template. Then, it should be followed with the date below it. To write the date, you must also include the month and year.

After that, you need to write the name of your company at the left top of the template. Under the name of your company, it should be the company contact information. Commonly, it is the company address. However, you are also allowed to include other detailed information if needed.

Next, you need to skip a line & then write down all items purchased with their costs or prices. The items should be listed on the left and state the costs on the right side of each item. You can just list it down or you can also present it in a table.

After you write all items and their prices completely, now you must write the subtotal in the money receipt. Place the subtotal under the list of items and prices. You may need to use a calculator to get the accurate subtotal.

Under the subtotal, you still need to add any tax & other charges to get the grand total. For the tax, it may be sales tax. The example of other charges is shipping charge. Now, you have to sum up the subtotal, taxes and charges to get the result of grand total.

After you get the grand total, the next step in making the template of money receipt is state the method of payment. It must be clear what payment method is used by the buyer. There are some options of payment method such as via credit card, check or in cash.

The last line of the template should be filled with the full name of the customer. If the customer paid using credit card, let him or her sign the bottom of the receipt template. After that, you should copy it. The original receipt must be for the customer and the copied one is for your record.

If you are interested to make a money receipt template, you can download it easily. You can also make it using software or computer programs. If needed, POP system will help you for highly accurate money receipt management.


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