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Modern Language Association (MLA) means an organization that works to develop MLA format or style. MLA format is purposed for scholars, students and researchers. If you want to be able to create MLA format template, you have to pay attention to the following discussion.


Tips to Make a MLA Format Template

There are many sections that you have to understand in creating an MLA format. First, it relates to paper choice. Here, you must use white paper, not any other else. Second, you need to create MLA header. You can place it at the top of the first page.

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Then, you must create running head at the top right corner on every page. It consists of the last name of the writer and followed by a space then page number. For the margin, you should use one-inch margin for all pages.

In relation to the paragraph, the sentences must start one half inch from the left margin. You can use tab button to make it. You also need to add quotation. Adding quotation can be with the person’s name, without person’s name, or in a block quote.

If you want to use paraphrases, make sure that you write it rightly and provide the source. Related to spacing, MLA style template requires you to apply double-spaced lines. Between the heading, title & the paper beginning, it seems tempting to add a few more lines.

You also must understand about font & font size. Commonly, it uses Times New Roman or Arial whereas the font size should be 12. You also have to pay attention to abbreviations. Make sure that you write abbreviations rightly so that it can be understood well.

There are some guides related to punctuation. You have to understand well how to use commas, concluding sentences and quotes. Sometimes, you also need to use numbers. You have to use numbers rightly including Arabic numbers, roman numbers, etc.

You may also want to add images, tables and musical scores. Make sure that the image is place close to the text where it is discussed. For table, make sure that you do not forget the title. For musical source, you should label it with Ex. as the short for example.

If you want to add a list, you have to know that the list is made horizontally, not vertically. When adding works cited, make sure that the citation list is at the last page. In addition, you also have to understand about MLA format citing.

Before you submit your project, you need to bind it. In relation to binding, you must follow what your professor asks. Editing and proofreading are also needed. Here, you have to check out again about the spelling, grammar, punctuation and attribution.

After you are done with your MLA format template, you can submit it. To submit this, you have to follow the guidelines from the instructor whether it is submitted in a hard copy or electronically. In fact, today many professors ask the students to send their projects via email.



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