Mid-Level Software Engineer job description has responsibility to do evaluation analysis of the software program, can definite problem, can determine the operation feasibility of the programs; give solution for software development and requirement. The person also needs to be able to demonstrate documentations, flowchart, charts, code comments and clear, and charts.

Adam Jr. Dunn

4411 Eastbourne Hill, Ann Arbor, MI, 48002, Phone: +1 (313) 122-8870



                                                Ann Arbor, MI

                                                07/2016 – present

  • Have working team experience with senior level software engineer that completes the Mid-Level Software Engineer resume sample
  • Mastered in craft software and applications
  • Capable to solve the complex problems that happen on the software
  • Can analyst the codes and work for best software performance
  • Work with various tasks with hours requirement deadline
  • Understand about the problems of the clients’ software and know how to solve it through personal skills
  • Capable to create communication with other people and build business relations
  • Understand about matrix programs
  • Understand about various scale of software troubles and variations, and capable to hand the solutions
  • Advance in IDE, API, Frameworks, database developments, and programming language
  • Capable to give alternative approaches for handling troubleshooting and software development
  • Have great vision about the subjects and can build strong teamwork



Saint Paul, MN

5/2010 – 05/2016

  • Involve in various team and build great teamwork that give success performance
  • Can create design of computer software, test and develop it
  • Create plan development with metric to improve the performance
  • Design the software programs, develop the program and debug the source code of the software
  • Can demonstrate the Agile development
  • Participate in the software development team and can give clear parameters
  • Developing the program with estimated time
  • Handle several projects that related to web application software
  • Can operate the targeted technical problems and can solve it
  • Test the software applications and maintain the performance
  • Do the routine tasks that required high skill computer soft skill
  • Do debugging and testing operations and capable to give code documentation



Milwaukee, WIN

06/2004 – 03/2010

  • Get the responsibility to manage the software activities and ensure that it is conducted well with the software development
  • Understand about software codes and capable to create the developments codes
  • Understand about mobile platform and web resources
  • Work under web services and SOA
  • Can arrange Scrum and Agile developments
  • Understand about various software codes and patters, and know how to operate it
  • Capable to work with MVC patterns and Object0oriented
  • Understand about various programming like Asynchronous program and Angular JS Style guide
  • Can create diagrams or layout of the software with clear codes
  • Involve in giving analysis with mathematical and computer principles
  • Capable to communicate with clients and can analyze what the clients need



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Computer Science


  • Understand about computer programming and expertise in program coding
  • Have great soft engineering skills
  • Capable to develop software
  • Understand about OOD or object-oriented design and know how to create it
  • Know how to test software, develop it, and do debugging of the software
  • Quick thinker and can resolve problem
  • Understand about Mid-level FS and Java Script
  • Experience in iOS, Microsoft SQL, and can manage the software engineering
  • Understand about algorithms
  • Can construct data structures and core programming
  • Can communicate well and create great communication


Mid Level Software Engineer resume sample


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