Medical scribe resume sample job description is to provide assistance to the physicians in the way of increasing efficiency and productivity. One has to document all of the visits and procedures in the most accurate and thorough way possible. Of course, the medical scribe has to be capable of spotting mistakes or inconsistencies found in them and make sure to check and correct everything.

Anette Ensylvania

3447 Telly Street, Dallas, TX, Phone: +1 (555) 400 5761


                                                Phoenix, AZ

                                                06/2016 – Present

  • Have the medical visits and procedures documented for the medical providers to perform for
  • Follow the care plan, unit routine, and hospital policy whenever the duties are being performed
  • Perform documentation of all provider and patient interactions in the exam room
  • Conduct proper management of the medical documents and sort them all as needed
  • Have the delegated responsibilities performed where the education and training are provided
  • Ensure the accuracy and validity of the medical visits and procedures being performed


Houston, TX

05/2013 – 05/2016

  • Document various things, such as the history, physical examination, laboratory, medication, and other notes
  • Make documentation of everything being spoken by both the patients and the providers
  • Conduct the e-scribing to help the physician make documentation of what’s needed to be recorded
  • Make sure to have the blanket warmer as well as the bedside linen carts sufficiently restocked
  • Perform minor activities as assigned by the superiors, such as physicians and other medical providers
  • Base the conduct and performance on the standard rules and procedures during the work time


Houston, TX

09/2010 – 04/2013

  • Comfort both the patients and their families throughout the entire treatment
  • Perform the rounds as frequently as possible to offer necessities, such as blankets, pillows, and chairs
  • Make demonstration of the knowledge of the field in the most proper manner possible
  • Have the technical procedures performed with great competency to ensure the best results
  • Perform the transcription of the information dictated by the provider for medical record
  • Ensure the accuracy of all the documents transcribed from what dictated by the medical provider


                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Medical and Transcription


  • Solid knowledge of human anatomy and terminology and ability to transcribe any said terms and make them into medical record
  • Excellent written communication skill for doing the transcription and decent verbal communication skill to speak with people
  • Good capability of detail management as well as effective and efficient organization to keep everything well managed
  • Ability to do multi tasks at once to offer effective and efficient performance during the working hours
  • Understanding and capability to operate computer applications, such as Microsoft Word for report and record, and PowerPoint for presentation
  • High proficiency in data entry and ability to document procedures and treatments being performed
  • Capability to work well in critical environment and manage to be detail oriented for every conduct and performance


Medical Scribe Resume Sample

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