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Meal planning is defined as a meal plan that someone will eat. Usually, meal planning is done to plan what you will eat in a week (weekly meal plan). Meal planning can improve the nutritional quality of the food eaten and save money on food.

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According to the Project Meal Plan, there are three reasons why meal planning is important. The first reason is meal planning can save time, including reducing grocery store trips, reducing wandering at the grocery store, knowing what needs to be prepped and prep it, and planning leftovers.

meal planning psd templates

The second reason is meal planning makes you eat healthier. You think about eating the right amount, staying accountable to your past, and having more control over your choices.

The last reason, of course meal planning can save money. Moreover, if you do meal preparation and cook your own meals. You also help the environment to reduce food waste.


The Importance of Meal Planning Template

To help you plan what you will eat in a certain time frame (usually weekly), you need a meal planning template. This template will be very useful for preparing meals for the family.

What SHOULD be in a meal planning template

1. Have space to write a budget

Good meal planning will save your expenses significantly, not even obscure it. Therefore, use a template that is integrated with the column to write a budget.

2. Prioritize the main food rather than snacks and comfort food

When making meal plans, always prioritize main meals. Separate between hunger and boredom.

3. Easily customizable, aka flexible

Make your meal plan as flexible as possible to avoid feeling pessimistic or other negative reasons. Let you be as creative as possible when making meal plans.

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What SHOULD NOT be in a meal planning template

1. Not reusable

Templates that can only be used once are not effective. Make your meal planning template reusable by printing in a hard paper and laminate it or place it inside a clear file folder. Then, write down your meal plan using a temporary marker.

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2. Too detailed, difficult to follow

Do not let the meal planning activities scare and haunt you. Meal planning does not merely mean meal preparation or you have to cook. You can make meal planning for eating out or take-out.


Free Meal Planning Template Examples

1. Weekly Meal Prep with Clipboard Design Template

This is one example of a template that is highly customizable and reusable. This template is perfect for family use and is displayed in the kitchen.

2. Minimalistic Meal Planner Template

Many people like practical things including choosing a meal plan template. With this template, you don’t need to mess around with fancy designs. Focus your attention on writing meal plans only.

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3. Systematic Meal Planner Template

Conversely, there are also people who like a more systematic template, which shows their way of thinking. These people will love the systematic meal planner template.

4. Cook This Meal Planner Template

This template is suitable for you who want to cook your food every day. The list of food ingredients that you need is integrated in this meal plan.

meal planning psd templates

Meal Planning Design Ideas

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