Do not be afraid to apply for maternity leave to the company, because the right to maternity leave is already regulated by applicable law. If the company does not issue your maternity leave rights, you can report it to the relevant law, and you will still be protected as a citizen. Maternity leave is really needed by every pregnant woman; of course, giving birth requires extra energy that can’t be underestimated. Don’t afraid to apply for leave and use maternity leave letter to employer to make leaving easier!

36. Use Maternity Leave Letter to Employer to Apply for Your Maternity Leave

How do I tell my boss about maternity leave?

Sometimes a person feels hesitant and afraid to disclose maternity leave rights to a boss or company boss. Don’t hesitate, you can express it casually and graciously, while saying about the estimated day of birth, when you start your leave, and so on. If you are still hesitant to disclose it in person, you can write it using a maternity leave letter to employer.

How do I write a letter of maternity leave for an employer?

It is easy to write a maternity leave letter to employer. You can start with an opening greeting, reveal your pregnancy condition, and plan to apply for maternity leave. Use friendly and polite language, allowing for faster leave applications.

Samples you can use

Are you still confused to begin with? Don’t worry, check out this simple example to create a leave of absence letter and you’re free to modify it.

Dear Mr. Prince

Good morning. Through this letter, I would like to express and inform about my pregnancy as well as my desire to apply for leave for the next 12 weeks. I have the intention to apply for leave from February 1, 2020, to July 1, 2020, of course, it is to provide smoothness in the moments before giving birth, during childbirth, and postpartum. Surely I will complete all the work and tasks given before.

I attached several doctor consultations schedules, examination results, and estimated date of birth as a reference and reference for the company to allow me to leave. I appreciate all your considerations and the management of the company, and I look forward to enabling me to focus on the day of birth and post-birth.

If you have some questions about the work I need to complete or questions about applying for leave, you can contact me by phone at (000)-000-0000 or via my email and office. Feel free to contact me anytime and anywhere, as I will be ready to receive calls from anyone. Thank you for your best consideration.


Best Regards

Angelica Gracia


That’s some brief explanation on how to make a maternity leave letter to employer to apply for your maternity leave. Use the existing examples and modify them according to your desired needs.

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