Manager cyber security resume sample job description varies by much since it depends on the size of the industry. Still, there are major responsibilities for those holding the job. The manager will have to monitor all operations and infrastructure. One has to make sure the condition of all security tools and technology too. The manager also needs to work with different departments as such is needed.

Ezgard Lavensact

4021 Greenfelder Road, Philadelphia, PA, Phone: +1 (555) 745 4678


                                                San Francisco, CA

                                                07/2016 – present

  • Make proper and daily oversight of the cyber security operations to monitor and ensure everything
  • Take care of any operational issues, events, or even incidents that might happen in the company
  • Have the solutions as well as projects of security monitoring implemented, both proactive and preventive one
  • Ensure good relationship and drive the process to achieve successful program execution
  • Make development of escalation process for the need of serious events and suspected incidents
  • Work on the promotion of security event and issue reporting with the help of the help desk


Chicago, IL

04/2014 – 06/2016

  • Plan the cyber security processes and systems, then implement them for testing and operation
  • Take care of the security configuration and testing for variety of networking and operating systems
  • Make oversight of the information security projects, right from the strategy to the software and hardware optimization
  • Make good management of the plan, design, test, and operation for the cyber security processes and systems
  • Provide reviews on the security profiles for the assessment of the use of application security
  • Have the business process design coordinated for identity management and access privileges


Dallas, TX

09/2011 – 01/2014

  • Develop the market for the very services of cyber security and identify the opportunities in sales
  • Asses the activities that would be perfect for capability and technology evolve coming from the market place
  • Deal with security event center operation tasks and manage them in the professional manner
  • Ensure that the established objectives are properly met by creating and implementing the operation improvements
  • Make development of EVC functions with all day security operation analysts and maintain them
  • Take care of incident response activities and provide suggestions and reports to local responders and staff


                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Computer Science


  • Solid knowledge of BYOD and Mobile Device Management platforms as well as programming and scripting for security tools and frameworks
  • Understanding in computer forensics tools and investigative methodologies as well as various operating systems, such as UNIX, Linux, Solaris, and more
  • Years of experience and knowledge in the capabilities, intentions, methodologies, and motives of threat actor
  • Strong ability to learn security features and operations of specific kind for the need of more than one operating system
  • Capability to work independently with strong skills in project management and work together as team with partners


Manager Cyber Security Resume Sample

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