Maintenance worker resume sample job description is to be responsible of repairing, fixing, and maintaining the mechanical equipment, buildings, and machines. There are also other maintenance responsibilities that need to be done. One has to be capable of doing routine inspections, performing necessary preventative maintenance, overseeing the contractors, diagnosing issues, etc.

Lucia Louenceus

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                                                Chicago, IL

                                                11/2015 – Present

  • Perform maintenance tasks, such as plumbing, tile and brick work, and other related ones
  • Show necessary commitment for safety in accordance with the standard safety and health procedures
  • Support any safety activities and perform active participation in the said activities
  • Perform maintenance on electric equipment and circuits with multi phases
  • Keep the work sites clean, safe, and in proper order daily to ensure everything
  • Document all the work and make sure that the job has been done properly and accurately


Chicago, IL

02/2011 – 06/2015

  • Perform the maintenance work routinely as assigned by the superior or requested by customer
  • Take care of other related tasks, such as moving machines, installing pipes and fixtures, and others
  • Come up with the idea of plant improvement and support the projects for the facility
  • Make sure to have the preventative maintenance work completed for complete performance
  • Make record of everything being performed, including equipment repair work order and work estimate repair cost
  • Provide assistance or doing the mason work to help get the maintenance work done


Chicago, IL

04/2008 – 01/2011

  • Work on the installation of things, such as grave markers, bronze memorials, crypt faces, and others
  • Perform grounds related maintenance, like cutting grass, maintaining the lawn, trimming the trees, and more
  • Perform necessary repair for the grave markers to get the flaws fixed and return them back to normal
  • Maintain the existing ground features, such as grave markers in the cemetery and the kind
  • Have the crypts prepared and all ready to be used for the requested entombments
  • Provide assistance to set things up for the needs of internment, entombment, or inurnment


                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Maintenance Service


  • Decent knowledge of repair work, such as plumbing and electrical work in general to get the basic tasks done
  • Proper understanding in the safety rules and regulations and ability to put them into action during the working hour
  • Decent enough knowledge in operating computer and other technologies currently used for communication
  • Great capability in maintaining all of the tools and equipment needed to perform the maintenance work
  • Good organizational skill and ability communicate with the fellow workers and clients as effectively as possible
  • Excellent handling of the necessary maintenance tools and equipment for the job in the safest and most careful manner
  • Capability to communicate things through and deal with any issues in professional and tactful yet courteous manner


Maintenance Worker Resume Sample

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