Likert Scale Template and Things Inside It to Know

Do you know about the Likert scale? Well, it is an important document that will be important in order to know the attitude of people. Yes, by using this document, you will be able to access the attitude of people more quantitatively. That is why knowing about the Likert scale template is needed.

Likert Scale 01

Yes, the detail of the Likert scale can be the instrumental tool in order to do survey about the attitude of people. Based on the history, the Likert scale was developed firstly in 1932. Today, this kind of document becomes one of the most important documents applying in different field.

In this occasion, we will see some matters inside Likert scale template. By knowing the detail of it, I am sure that you also will be easier in order to make a good Likert scale. Well, for those who are curious with it, please stay and read the whole writings below.

What is Likert Scale?

In order to know about the Likert scale, it is important for you to know the definition of it. The meaning of Likert scale is a question which contain between 5 to 7 options. In common, the choice inside the question range from strongly agrees to strongly disagree.

Likert Scale 02

Here, the question with its options of answer is used in order to make a survey. With the detail of it, the surveyor will be able to get the holistic view of the opinion of people. The Likert scale could be applied in many different fields, especially to get the response of people about a specific matter.

How to Create Likert Scale?

To make a good Likert scale, of course you need to know the ways to make it. Yes, by knowing the way to make this document, making a Likert scale will be easier and the result of it is also better.

Likert Scale 03

Some ways to do in order to make a good Likert scale are:

  • Determine what the Likert scale should measure
  • Create the detail lists of the indicators statements
  • Decide on the response scale that you want to apply inside the document
  • Test and test again the scale

Well, some points as above could be the ways to help you making the detail of the Likert scale. The main point in making the Likert scale is the options of answer that you use. Yes, in the process of making the Likert scale, please make sure that you apply the best options.

Applying the best options of Likert scale is what you need to do. The detail option will influence the opinion of the people. Then, the options also will influence the result of the test that you will get.

That is why you need to do some researches in order to find the sample of Likert scale. By finding more samples of Likert scale, of course you could learn how to make the option or how to arrange the questions.

That is all about the Likert scale that you need to know. It will be better when you do some researches to find more specific ways in making the Likert scale template.


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