Licensed massage therapist resume sample is a good reference for those who want to make a good resume when they want to join with a new company to continue their career. A resume will be the first document to see during the process of recruitment. Through a resume, a person is able to show their personal identity. Then, a resume also could show the detail of skills, achievements and experiences of the candidate. Through the three matters, they could show their self as the potential candidate to be recruited. Well, in this occasion, we will show you a sample of resume. Through a sample, of course making a resume will be easier to do and you also will know what to include inside the resume.

Sample of Licensed Massage Therapist Resume

Roselyn Margaret

15229 Wall Street, Houston, TX. Phone: +1 (555) 709 7182


Licensed Massage Therapist

Chicago, IL

12/2015 – present

  • Providing the working of stellar body to the diverse clientele
  • Assisting the all area of the operation of spa as it is requested by the management
  • Average income for the working of therapist 30 hours per week in the range from 42k to 53k
  • Ensuring that the room is cleaned after the kinds and detail of the treatment and the end of each shift
  • Continuing the opportunities of education and reimbursement
  • Education others about the detail benefits of the regular massage
  • Providing up to 90 minutes customizes session of massage to the variety of the clients

Licensed Massage Therapist

Boston, MA

07/2012 – 10/2015

  • Promoting the program of the home care with the effective ways
  • Expensing the details of the linens, lotions, rents, accounting and the marketing are all paid well
  • Hiring bonus for the qualifying of the therapist
  • Taking care of her or his own well-being by having the good skin care and the wellness of the kinds of practices
  • Assisting the promotion of health
  • Assisting the promotion of the wellness benefits to the clients, especially when they get the therapy of massages in the regular basis


Indiana University

Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care



  • Confidentially in maintaining the kinds of clients
  • Completed the training process of the massage with the good procedure
  • Creating the excellent members and the experiences of the guest through the friendly and the helpful attitude
  • Having a strong orientation of the customer services
  • Maintain the professional appearance all the times
  • Ability to speak in effective ways
  • Good communication skills to the customers or the organization
  • Ability to read and to interpret the document quickly, such as the detail of the safety rules, the operation and maintenance instruction and the manual of the procedures
  • Reliable and on time attendance
  • Attending all shifts of schedule
  • Prompt to work in the entire schedule
  • Ability to deal with the problem
  • Ability to solve any kind of problem with the good manner
  • Good communication skills in both written and verbal
  • Ability to work under pressure and with the limited deadline
  • Good manner and attitude
  • Open minded and go with the kinds of innovation
  • High attention to the detail
  • Ability to work with procedure and policies

Licensed Massage Therapist Resume Sample

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