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Letter of intent is like a cover letter. It is a letter made to introduce personal application before a boss gets to the resume. This must be sent besides a resume. Therefore, you must have a good skill to create it. So, you need to pay attention to the letter of intent sample we will discuss further below.


Tips to Make a Letter of Intent Sample

Before you make a letter of intent, you have to read the instructions first. Letter of intent has specific instructions related to information included in the letter. After that, determine the name & address of the receiver.

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In addition, you also need to make notes. Here, you have to write down what you include in this letter like personal information, achievements, awards, particular challenges, successes, etc. If possible, you can also define your career goals, leadership skill, professional experiences, etc.


How to a Letter of Intent Sample

There are some steps you must follow in writing an intent letter sample. The beginning, you have to introduce yourself first. In this introduction, you should mention your name and the position you want to apply. If needed, you can also explain how you know the job vacancy.

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Then, you have to start getting into specifics. Here, you must sell yourself & show related knowledge. The next paragraphs should describe why you write the letter and what makes you interested in the job.

Besides that, you also need to state your credentials. Here, you can use specific examples of skills, experiences, knowledge, languages, etc. You can explain it in paragraph or it is also a better idea to make it in form of list.

Then, you also should mention some good things about the job. You also need to describe why you apply for that position. It is also very important to show your strengths that make you good for that position.

The last part is conclusion. In this part, you should request a response. You must express your desire to be called for an interview. You also have to make sure that you provide contact information. So, the company can follow up your letter then.


More Tips to Make a Letter of Intent Sample

Before you send this letter, it may be needed for you to write the final draft. Make sure that you use the proper grammar & spelling. Besides, you also cannot forget any information required. In writing the final draft, you have to be more careful.

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Proofreading and editing are also needed. You have to read the letter one more. If there is a mistake, you can revise it. Sometimes, you also need to edit the dictions, format, font, page, or anything else to make the letter perfect.

After you are sure that everything is fine, now it is time to print it out then submit it. Usually, letter of intent sample consists of one page only. However, if you have much information to provide, sometimes it requires you to make it in more than one page.



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