Letter writing is becoming a lost art these days. Many young people prefer to email or send Facebook messages to thank someone. Nonetheless, old-fashioned appreciation letters for a job well done are still the best way to show gratitude to someone who exceeds expectations at work or in another field. Signature handwritten letters are often kept as mementos by recipients.

Artikel 68. Letter of Appreciation for Job Well Done

Format and Content used in Letter of Appreciation for Job Well Done

Thank you letters are often invaluable, especially to people who may feel like their efforts went unnoticed. An award letter with a job format needs to be well-completed and states the specific achievements of the individual as well as the overall impact of that person’s work on the business or organization, and the length of time in which the work was performed. It is advisable to place a copy of the letter in the individual personnel file.

The sample used in Letter of Appreciation for Job Well Done

A medium-sized company has just done a complete computer system conversion, and a letter of appreciation for this example of a job well done was written to the person who led the conversion. The letter is from the CEO of the company and includes an additional week of vacation.

Examples of How to Write a Letter of Appreciation for Job Well Done

Dear Tom,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you what a great job you did on the company-wide system conversion last week. We didn’t experience a single break, and employees and customers hardly felt any pain from the event. Your tech staff did an excellent job training other employees about the new system, and I know that because of your outstanding leadership in that department and on this project.

The new system that you are lobbying for is already on its way to helping the company deliver a strong return on investment, and that makes the board of directors give credit for introducing the system to the company and lobbying it too. purchasing and implementation. It has proven to be an extraordinary step on your part. Know that when the evaluation time arrives, you will be rewarded for your extraordinary efforts. The new system has shown management that all of our processes are now faster and more efficient, enabling us to serve more customers every day, and that directly impacts the company’s revenue in a very positive way.

I know that you spend a lot of time researching the new system, time of installation, implementation, and employee training. As a token of my appreciation, and before the upcoming raise with your next evaluation, I want to go ahead and give you an extra week of vacation to take at your disposal. The Human Resources Department has given you an additional week of vacation and also a copy of the letter will be kept in your permanent employee file. I thank you for your good work.


With an excellent Award for work done to the maximum,

Wilson John

cc: Department of Human Resources




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