A Guide in Writing a Legal Services Agreement

If you are in a service business, you will need to be able to create a legal service agreement. This kind of agreement aims to have a document your company can use for regular basis every time there is a new client. Therefore, in this article we will share the tips how to make it.

Templates Legal Services Agreement Sample


How to Write a Legal Service Agreement

To make a legal service agreement template, you should begin with a title. For example, you can write “Customer Agreement”, “Client Agreement” or “Service Agreement”. You can also include the name of your company in the agreement template.

After making the title, you have to define the involved parties. In this introduction, you will not only mention the name of each party but you also should clearly describe if each party belongs to a business entity or an individual. You also need to provide the relevant information needed.

Then, what you need to define next is about the services. This is the most critical section where you must describe the services your company provides. Make sure that you describe them as specific as possible. With clear description of services, the negotiation with clients will be much easier.

Next, you cannot forget including the fees & expenses. In relation to the fees, you should mention whether your company uses flat fee basis or monthly, weekly or hourly fee basis. For the expenses, make sure that you describe how all the expenses are going to be allocated.

Writing a legal service agreement also requires you to state the terms & terminations of the contract. Here, you also need to include renewal provisions. In addition, it indicates the circumstances under which party is allowed to terminate the service agreement. Here, you must describe the services clearly.

What you have to include next in the service contract is confidential info. You must include provisions to the confidential information protection with respect. It includes trade secrets, supplier info, list of client, the safeguard of business strategies, etc. Sometimes, there’s a request from the client you must provide.

It is also very essential to include proprietary rights as the intellectual property rights in everything your company invents or creates. The proprietary rights protection may or may not be important. It depends on the nature of the business. For example, you make unique works to provide services to the clients.

The next thing to include is cooperation. It relates to a provision that requires that the client cooperates reasonably with your company. You also need to include indemnification. For your information, it is any damage that is suffered by the company because of its miss-use of the service. Just state it clearly.

Templates Legal Services Program Agreement Sample

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You are also required to include addendums for work order. Lastly, you will need to include miscellaneous provisions in the legal service agreement. In this last part, the contract must conclude with miscellaneous provisions included in the vast majority contract. Do not forget to sign it off, then.

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