Leadership development manager resume sample can be a reference for those who want to make a resume in order to be the next leadership development manager in the different management. As we know, a resume is an important document to submit in the first process of recruitment. A resume can be the document to show the personal identity of the candidate. Then, through a resume, a candidate is also able to show the kinds of skills, achievements and experiences that they have. Those three matters will help the candidate to be claimed as the potential one. Well, in this occasion, we will talk about the sample of the resume. By seeing a sample of this document, of course making a resume will be easier to do and you will know what to include inside it.

Sample of Leadership Development Manager Resume

Leonard Venn

71766 Blanche Gardens, Phoenix, AZ. Phone: +1 (555) 710 7712


The University of Kansas

Bachelor’s Degree in Business


Global Leadership Development Manager

Phoenix, AZ

06/2015 – present

  • Working with the cross functional team in order to develop and promoting career development at Tesla
  • Developing an innovative and practicing the leadership development curriculum for the new managers through the senior levels worldwide that support the success profile
  • Assisting in selecting, maintaining and overseeing the relationship with the external leadership of the development providers
  • Managing, monitoring and ensuring the performance to budget
  • Providing thought leadership to the executive team of Tesla and the strategies of the talent management
  • Developing and implementing the selected program to get the high potential talents in order to support the working of internal talent pipeline
  • Demonstrating success in the design, the development and delivery the innovative products and programs

Manager of Leadership Development

Houston, TX

01/2009 – 03/2015

  • Working with the team of L and D, the field of HR and the team of recruitment in order to support the inclusion and the diversity goals by regard to attracting, sourcing, selecting, retaining and developing the key talents in program of leadership pipeline
  • Maintaining a working relationship with the teams of HR field, sales and team of marketing team in order to reinforce the vision and the guidelines of training
  • Responsible in order to ensure the relevance, consistency and the quality of curriculum and its delivery
  • Architecting and owning the ongoing leadership of Uber and the strategy of management development
  • Managing all types of stakeholder in order to get the work done fast
  • Analyzing the organizational and the performance of talents data in order to influence the strategy of people development across the business
  • Setting and measuring the KPIs for the manager and the development programs of leadership
  • Developing and delivering the creative program for all level of the leadership

Leadership Development Manager

San Francisco, CA

08/2002 – 08/2009

  • Creating and enhancing processes in order to make the team of LD more effective and efficient
  • Travel throughout the assigned region by the company
  • Partnering with the team of HR in order to develop the training program of the internal corporate and the events in order to ensure the effective recruiting, the training and development, the management of performance and the strategies of reward
  • Leading a dedicated team of the LD specialist
  • Leading the volunteer team

Leadership Development Manager Resume Sample

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