Junior Interior Designer job description is a position of a work to analyze about interior building, find out what the client’s wish, wants, and needs, able to create plans and make the design that can satisfy customers, can measure specifications and budgets based on client’s need and work it according to the schedule.


Billie Ellison

5667 Elm Tree Brow, Coeur d’Alene, ID, 83814, Phone: +1 (208) 563-2209



                                                Hillsbro, OR

                                                04/2015 – present

  • Provide consultation for clients and capable to get client’s interest that is seen in Junior Interior Designer resume sample
  • Provide consultation from senior team to junior team in order to be able to understand about client’s wish
  • Provide a regular training for juniors to know more about the business
  • Give complete information center or meeting that discuss about customer’s taste and company’s goal
  • Capable to establish designs and other critical elements to juniors
  • Responsible about the project, held the client’s consultation and arrange the dimension of the design space
  • Can build relations and business agreements with big vendors
  • Take care the features stuff in the interior room or building such as tables and chairs
  • Being responsible to make up team and lead the team that handle’s clients’ project
  • Assist and lead the design that is made by the team designer including the concept, display, and in-home design for the project



Minden, NV

05/2011 – 02/2015

  • Have ideal scope of work with various experiences of handling different projects
  • Have excellent communication skills that help to communicate with company, clients, and the team
  • Capable to do negotiation with clients including negotiate about the concept of the project, how it leads, and how much the deal of the fee
  • Can work and make good relations with big vendors
  • Capable to do a lot of research before finalizing the projects
  • Responsible to do research plans before set up the plans
  • Can lead and manage to team to work with feasible
  • Can produce creative and innovative products for clients



Wichita, KS

09/2007 – 07/2011

  • able to work with team and manage to make creative concept for client’s project
  • Involving in the team project’s progress
  • Can evaluate the execution of the project
  • Able to work, to guide, and to maintain the quality of the project
  • Help the team to design the concept
  • Can coordinate with team and works together to achieve success for the team
  • Have great self-motivation positive, and energetic
  • Always work with professionalism, organized and details
  • Have big interest in the subjects
  • Understand a lot and deep about interior design
  • Able to manage and to handle the project managements
  • Can communicate and handle customers with best service



                                                Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design



  • Has deep understanding about colors and know about balancing colors
  • Can communicate with customers excellently
  • Can build communication and business relationship with clients and customers
  • Have great understanding about various materials such as fabrics and more
  • Always keep up and updates with latest style, trends, and what people’ like
  • Absolutely having great creativity and able to create creative and innovative content
  • Have artistic taste and point of view to value
  • Have great composition of making designs
  • Able to create creations that satisfy to clients
  • Have well-done knowledge about colors, fabrics and textiles
  • Can read and feel the client’s taste and interest by interacting with them
  • Have great sense of art
  • Able to deliver client’s view into real designs
  • Have great drawing skills


Junior Interior Designer Resume Sample

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