Job Description Template and Things to Know Inside It

Do you know ever hear about the job description template? Well, the job description is a broad written statement as the essential part of hiring and managing the employees. In common, the job description includes some important matters, as purpose, scope, duties, responsibilities and others.

Job Description Template 02

Seeing a brief explanation above, we may see that the job description is an important document. However, there are some matters about detail job description that inform the importance of it, as the job description:

  • Helps attract the right job candidates
  • Describe the detail skills and competencies required to perform the detail of roles
  • Describe the critical areas of the position or job of employee
  • Serves as a valuable performance of management tool
  • Is used as the basis of the contract of employment
  • Serves as the basic for the outlining job training, performance expectation, the advancement of career and the evaluation of job
  • Defines the positioning of job within the overall hierarchy of company

Use of the Job Description

Another matter that you need to know about the detail of job description is the use of it. Yes, there are some uses of the job description that you need to know in order to increase your knowledge about it.

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Well, talking about the use of the job description, the details of it are:

  • Clear and concise communication of job requirement

The first of the use of job description is clearly and concisely communicating the requirement of job to the applicant. It is more important that the applicants understand the core requirement of the position in the process of hiring the competent employees.

  • Communication of expectations

The job description is also a great tool for the communicating organizational expectation to the employees. Then, it also provides the employee about the direction to achieve successful the performance of job.

  • Performance management

You may use the job description in order to set the measurable performance goals.

  • Training and development of employee

Another use of the job description is to keep the high result of training and development of the employee. In this case, you as the employer is able to motivate your employees to pursue the seminars, classes and other career development.

  • Compensation

The use of the job description is compensation. Here, the job description is able to develop the standardized compensation program that includes the minimum and the maximum for each position that occur in the office.

Guide in Making Job Description

To make the job description, there are some guides that you need to know. The guides, of course will be useful to help you in making it with easier ways. Well, some guides to apply in making this job description to apply are:

  • Avoid using the equivocal or the complicated language. Try to use the clear and simple language
  • Try to use non-preferential language
  • Avoid describing the personal characteristics and try to describe only the position’s required skills, duties and knowledge
  • Avoid understanding or overstating the responsibilities of position and duties instead to be accurate about the detail of it
  • Describe the current state of the position
  • Do not use the acronyms, abbreviations and the terms of technical

Job Description Template 04

Well, that is all about the job description template. You may do some researches in order to find the sample of it.


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