Sample Itinerary Format for Personal Travelling

Sample itinerary format is used to create itinerary plan that gather all of the important information that you need to remember and you need to do in your vacation plan. When you are making this template, you need to make sure that you create the right type of templates.

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Normally, there are three types of samples that you can use. Each of them is divided based on the purpose of the plan. The itinerary that you make for personal travelling will be different with the trip that you make for company business.

Thus, it is important to know what type of format that you want to make. Here you will be able to find a lot of samples that are very helpful. It is easy to use and to follow. You can use the sample that seems suit with your trip plan.

Types of Sample Itinerary Format

Itinerary format template usually will have three types. Those are itinerary made for tourist, itinerary for tour conductor or manager, and the last is the itinerary for tour escort. All of the types are different in some certain ways.

An itinerary that is made for tourist contains with all of the information that is related to the tour trip. This is usually given to every tourist in a tour company that has signed up in the company. Basically, the document will contain about the basic outline of the trip that the tourist should know.

It means, it likely appear as a handful document that will help the tourist better. Remember to put the data that includes the day and the hour detail that is related to the schedules. The next type is the template itinerary format that is made for conductor.

The itinerary that is created for the conductor of the tour usually will have a lot more details. It contains with all of the details that is mentioned in the tourist’s type. It means, this form is more completed than the previous one.

In this template, you will find not only the details of the arrangement trip, but also the contact name of the people that involved in the tour as well as the other formalities information. Then, the last on is the itinerary that is created for Escort.

This template gives a handful detail that includes the step by step information that is written in one shot detail. Here, you will get the information about the time that is taken for the travel, the modes for the transport that is used, the accommodation details, and a lot more.

This form is created in a more complexion and more completed information. Thus, you will need to put the additional information such as sightseeing details, tickets that are used in the trip, other stuff like foods, water, healthcare, and other essential things.

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Clearly, when you want to make a form, you need to take a look at the types of the form that you want to create. By knowing what type of the form that you want to make, it helps you to create a good, well-written, and understandable sample itinerary format.

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