IT programmer resume sample can be an important document, especially when you want to join with a new company in continuing your career. As in common, a resume will be the first requirement needed in the process of selection of the new employee.

By using a resume, a candidate of employee is able to show who they are, so the recruiter will know their personal information. Then, a resume is also able to be used as the way to show skills, experiences and achievement to claim as the potential candidate.

Well, in this occasion, we will talk about the sample of a resume. By reading the sample of it, we are sure that you will know what to include in making this document.

Sample of System Consultant Resume

Joel Campbell

826 Granite Street, Phoenix, AZ. Phone: +1 (555) 612 9829


IT Programmer and Analyst

Philadelphia, PA

10/2015 – present

  • Working with clients, analysts, programmer and other members of the team in order to develop the technical solution for the problems of complex business
  • Developing and executing the plans of test, the specifications of test and the cases of test
  • Working with the client and other members of the team, including the analyst in order to develop the kinds of the solution in managing any kind of problem
  • Self-managing work activities in order to meet with the plans, the progress of monitor and the status of report
  • Completing the documentation and adhering to all kind of development and the standard of implementation standard in accordance with the standard IT and the procedures
  • Working with the quality of assurance and the testing group in order to resolve the issues and to keep the quality of the software

IT Programmer Analyst

Philadelphia, PA

12/2008 – 05/2015

  • Performing the analysis of the business process in order to determine how the can be implemented inside the standard of JIRA, including the kinds of workflows, the standardization and the methodology of development
  • Creating the complex workflows of JIRA including the project workflows, the schemes of screen, the scheme of permission and the notification of schemes
  • Developing the solution of the mission critical enterprise
  • Implementing the development of custom application
  • Working with the owners of the business function in order to create the state of the art solution and solve the kinds of the problem of organization
  • Following the established procedures
  • Ensuring the points of critical review
  • Controlling the quality assurance including the project of application of development
  • Providing the consultation, guidance and recommendation about the process of business
  • Maximizing the development of the tool implementation

IT Programmer

Houston, TX

11/2012 – 10/2008

  • Training the subordinates in programming
  • Developing and maintaining the technical automations
  • Designing and developing the enterprise wide data


State University of Quinnipiac

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science



  • Strong SQL
  • Proficiency in the detail of SQL server environment
  • Experience with the frameworks of the business intelligence
  • 3+ years experiences in the development of SQL
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Good communication in both written and verbal
  • Understanding the process of improvement
  • Ability to manage the project life-cycle

IT Programmer Resume Sample

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