IT manager resume sample is a nice document as the helper for those who want to get new position in career as the IT manager. Well, as we know, a resume is the first document to send during the recruitment process in order to be used as consideration. Yes, by using a resume, of course, you will be able to show the kinds of your personal identity. Then, a resume also could be the way to show skills, experiences and achievements, so the recruiter will get the consideration to recruit you in their team. In this occasion, we will show you a sample of the resume. By seeing a sample of it, I am sure that making a resume will be easier to do and you will know what to include inside a resume.

Sample of IT Manager Resume

Adam Smith

981 Tom Common, Chicago, Illinois. Phone: +1 (555) 128 8912


Academy of Art University

2008 – 2013


IT Manager

09/2013 – present

  • Benchmarking, analyzing, reporting and making the kinds of recommendation of the improvement and the growth of the infrastructure of IT and the systems of IT
  • Communicating regularly with the kinds of stakeholder regarding the pertinent activities of IT
  • Communicating the updates, the times of service and the usage of the best practices throughout the company
  • Confirming the effective solutions by making the interaction with the base of users and understanding the kinds of their challenges
  • Defining and implementing the recovery of disaster and backing up the system and the procedures that are managed by the team
  • Developing and implementing the detail policies and procedures of IT
  • Directing the department operational of IT and the strategic planning, including the innovation of fostering, the management of project and organizing and negotiating the allocation of the resources
  • Keeping up to date the development of the industry with the best practice
  • Maintaining the quality of the service by establishing and managing the standards of organizational
  • Maintaining staff by recruiting, selecting and associates of training
  • Managing the staff of IT, including hiring, training, resolving the conflict, performance coaching and management of talents
  • Managing the financial aspect of the department of IT, including the purchasing, budgeting and making the review of budget
  • Managing the large data in order to get the new customers
  • Negotiating and administering the vendor, the outsource and the contract of solutions and the agreement of service
  • Overseeing the provision of the service of end-user, including the help desk and the services of technical support
  • Providing the proactive analysis of the key metric, the milestone of project and the priorities of departmental
  • Recommending, engineering and managing the system of office, including the centralized productivity and the system of communication such as the email and the environment of the centralized desktop
  • Working effectively with the kinds of the various stakeholder, including the executives, the heads of department, the end users, the vendors and the consultants in order to define the way of business and the new requirements of the systems to get better goals and performance
  • Researching the kinds of innovations and applying it to the new system
  • Doing the kinds of jobs as it is asked by the supervisors
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