Different Types of Investigation Report Templates

When an incident happens or an issue arises, an investigation is needed to obtain the reason why it happened & how to prevent it from happening again. In this case, an investigation report is used to record data and also provide conclusions & recommendations of the problem or incident.

Sample Accident Investigation Report Template

How to Make an Investigation Report

Writing an investigating report requires you to collect the needed information first. You can collect information by interviewing people or reading previous reports. Before you begin writing, you have to know your purpose. This will make it easier to create the report.


Sample Disciplinary Investigation Report Template

Goals & objectives belong to the most important things added in the report. You should tell the readers what you try to investigate & what you hope to achieve after investigation. Then, you must also consider accurate facts. Make sure that you use the best method for your investigation.

After you are done with your investigation report document, finally you should review it. Make sure that you do not miss on out any important detail. If there are a few mistakes, you can also revise them first. Make sure that you arrange the information details in the right order for the best result.

Elements of an Investigation Report

An investigation report form contains some elements. The first is data gathering. After that, you can start writing. Make sure that you cover all facts according to the data, outline missing information, do not neglect less serious problems, stick to the facts, and keep it simple & direct.

Sample Employee Investigation Report Template

The next element is the conclusion. The investigator must conclude what happened and didn’t happen. The conclusion should be based on the facts. Another element is a recommendation. In this case, the investigator makes recommendations about the right sanctions to be taken if needed.

Investigation Report Format

It is also very important to understand the correct investigation report format. This report should be started with the info about the case. After that, you should provide a referral source. The next section is for details of the allegation. The information should be able to answer what, where, when, and who.

Sample Environment Investigation Report Template

Info about the subject should be included in the next section. There should also be a section for the investigation. Next, this kind of report also contains interview reports. Last, do not forget to add recommendations at the end part of the report.

Types of Investigation Report

Different types of investigation report samples are available in this article. One of them is a preliminary report. It describes the purposes of the investigation. The second is a progress report. It serves following up to the preliminary report. It mentions the new data collected & actions taken since the last report.    Sample Fire Investigation Report TemplateSample Grievance Investigation Report TemplateSample Incident Investigation Report TemplateSample Internal Investigation Report TemplateSample Investigation Status Report TemplateSample Site Investigation Report Template

The next type is the final report. It states the investigation’s outcome. Another type of supplemental report. It is made after the case is closed and used when new info is obtained after the case closing. To ease you write your investigation report, you can use our free templates available here.

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