When you are applying for a certain job then after waiting several times you finally receive an interview offer. Nowadays, the recruiter team prefers to inform you through emails or by phone. As a result, confirming could be done right away while you are still on the call with the recruiter or you may be given time to consider the interview schedule which requires you to confirm your participation through a letter as more explained below.

182 How do you confirm an interview offer

Why do you need to write an interview acceptance letter?

The confirmation letter mentioned above is known as the interview acceptance letter. It is usually sent by the employee candidate to the agency concerning the problem that occurs in participating in the interview. Mostly, it is because of the long distances from the house to the office or where the interview is held. Thus, a formal interview acceptance letter should be sent to the company showing your positive and professional attitude during the hiring process.

What to express in an interview acceptance letter?

If it is your first time writing an interview acceptance letter, there are several things you need to follow while writing the letter.

  1. Formal salutations always are the beginning of a formal letter. Use the phrase ‘Dear Hiring Team,’ or directly write down the name using ‘Dear Mr/Mrs …’
  2. The first paragraph should immediately and briefly state the purpose of the letter. Tell the recruiter that you are writing for confirming the interview attendance while stating the exact date and time of the interview schedule. Then, ensure to remind the recruiter of details information about the interview. Thus, you need to mention the use of the interview as it is for hiring a certain position in a certain division.
  3. In the second paragraph, you may clearly explain more about the details of your departure. Ensure you have plenty of times before and after the interview schedule just in case an emergency thing requires you to start earlier or later. Also, don’t forget to attach your contact information for the company to be able to reach you easily and quickly.
  4. The last paragraph is optional and the amount of the paragraph may vary based on your preferences. Here, in the third paragraph, you need to sum up your letter and ensure to mention your sincere gratitude for the interview opportunity given by the company.
  5. Formal closing salutation and your full name with a sign above.

The formal sample of an interview acceptance letter

Dear Mr/Mrs…,


I am sending you this letter to inform you about my participation in the interview offered with you on [the date and time of the interview]. The interview will be held in [place or address of the place of the interview]. The purpose of the interview is as part of the hiring progress for the [hired position] in the [name of the company].

I will be ready in [city of the interview] on [the date you arrive in the specific city, it is suggested to be ready a day before the interview day]. for any emergency schedule, feel free to contact me at [your contact information].


Thank you for your consideration.


Best regards,


[Your Name]


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