Before fully entering the world of work, the internship experience is an invaluable experience to equip yourself to know the world of work. Internships are valuable for career development, which will undoubtedly add knowledge, skills, and abilities in dealing with the realities of the existing world of work. If you are applying for a job, include your work experience in your résumé list. That becomes more points when viewed by the company. If you are a leading company and would like to recommend someone successful from an internship program, using an internship letter of recommendation is a surefire solution to assist someone in applying for a job.

97. Internship Letter of Recommendation to Support Job Application Process

How do you write a letter of recommendation?

Indeed, in writing a letter of recommendation, there is no standard order of it. However, there are several tips that you must understand before writing an internship letter of recommendation, including:

  1. Describe your relationship with the person
  2. Highlight other skills and advantages
  3. Explain about the achievements obtained
  4. Write as is, do not exaggerate and do not make it up
  5. Explain a little of his personality traits

How long should a recommendation letter be?

The writing of an internship letter of recommendation should have a letter length of not less than two paragraphs. This allows you to write all the conditions that fit the existing reality. A clear and not very concise explanation can give a positive impression to the reader.


Below is a simple example of creating an internship letter of recommendation. You can modify it to suit your want and conditions.

Dear Mr. Brown

Through this letter of recommendation, I am happy to recommend Boy William as a sales staff at your company. Boy started an internship program at my company six months ago. During my internship, I was amazed by his achievements, performance, and skills. Not infrequently, many of my employees give full support to Boy to achieve the company’s target. He grew into a confident person and continued to provide solutions to problems. Boy managed to record the most sales compared to other employees, even employees with permanent employee status. It is undoubtedly very proud of Boy as a persistent and loyal employee, who I hope will have the same achievements in your company.

Boy has excellent communication and leadership skills, making it easy for me to give tasks even with tight deadlines. This becomes an added value for Boy, and this makes Boy even more qualified. I am confident that Boy will be a devoted employee to the company, and the company’s performance will improve further.

Feel free to contact me regarding some questions that need to be answered, by contacting me at (000)-000-0000 or via my email address. I hope Boy can join your company soon. Thank you for your concern.

Best Regards

Rockey A. Swiz

There are some brief reviews on how to make an internship letter of recommendation very quickly. Feel free to modify and redesign the letter as needed.

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