An internship letter of interest is an important document used to convince the recruiter about your skills and achievements in applying for the hired position for an internship program. An internship letter will be submitted along with other required documents such as CV or resume and other supporting documents asked by the hiring company.

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How to write a good expression of internship letter of interest?

To write a good internship letter of interest, it should be in the correct arrangement and ensure to attach the position you want along with a strong reason behind it. Additionally, attach the highlights of the skills and experiences related to the hired position. Here are other important things to leave a good impression of an internship letter of interest.

  1. Make it brief and convincing

While writing for an internship letter of interest, you don’t have to explain things too much. A single page of interest letter consists of three main paragraphs would be enough to make a brief and convincing internship letter.

  1. Attach any reachable contacts

At the beginning of the letter, it is suggested to include not only your name but your basic identity information, particularly personal contacts, such as phone number, email address, and house address. It will be easier for the company to do further application progress if they put an interest in you.

  1. Double-check the letter before submitting

Always double-check your document before submitting it. There may be some wrong information or error spellings. Ensure you leave no mistakes in preparing for the internship letter of interest.

How to get an internship with no experience?

As mentioned before, the internship letter requires you to describe yourself dealing with abilities and skills. To support and convince the recruiter about your skills, the experiences and achievements would play an essential role. However, if you don’t have any, let’s try following some tips below!

  1. Join club activities

Consider joining any club activities that could help you with improving your skills and activities. Besides, by doing several activities, you will be able to get new experiences and build lots of connections to many kinds of people.

  1. Do a voluntary program

If you prefer doing social activities, the voluntary program may suit you. Here, you will learn how to handle different situations properly that may affect your problem-solving skill that would be very useful to your internship program.

  1. Achievements and training

The past academic achievements and training you ever joined that are related to the position you are looking for will be an advantage to show to the recruiter.

Ensure to include these in your internship letter of interest.

How to end an internship letter of interest?

To wrap up your internship letter of interest nicely, tell the recruiter that you are looking for further application progress, like an interview or test. As a result, don’t forget to remind the recruiter about your contact information, particularly the active contacts such as phone numbers or email address. Also, thank the recruiter/company for their consideration. Close your internship letter of interest with a closing salutation and signature and your full name.


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