Interior Design job description is responsible to create, to design, and to arrange the interior look on the spaces of room or buildings to be functional, beautiful, and safe. The person needs to be able to determine the requirements such as space measurements, selecting the colors, setting up the lighting, choosing the materials and more.


Ella Rose

8518 Palm by-Pass, Alexandria, VA, 4014, Phone: +1 (703) 5584779



                                                Alexandria, VA

                                                06/2011 – present

  • Have great capability and capacity to create plan and design the concept of the interior that is seen through Interior designer resume sample
  • Can coordinate with many business partners and create great relations
  • Capable to produce designs and concepts that are suitable with client’s taste
  • Able to give best service for clients
  • Understand about important elements that needs to be followed in creating the interior
  • Understand deep down and pay attention about safety and the traffic low that may appear during the projects running
  • Able to create comfort and beautiful style for client’s design
  • Handle various types of works such as working designs for industrial field, commercial purpose, or ergonomic concept
  • Able to lead the team and run the work with optimistic and clear vision


Villanova, PA

07/2008 – 03/2011

  • Manage the work and take responsible for concepts of the design, the display of the showroom projects and other work responsibilities that related to in-home design
  • Take responsible to choose the members and lead the projects in a fair portion
  • Capable to lead and manage to handle the teamwork very well
  • Be responsible to talk, communicate, and create relationship to clients including answering the questions, giving responds and more
  • Always maintain to work with details time
  • Works with professionalism and perfectionist
  • Always keep up with the documentations that related to the projects such as budget, designs, marketing plan, and the client’s decision
  • Be responsible to handle and take part of the marketing effort process
  • Capable to work and lift the project successfully
  • Can understand blueprints design of the project
  • Capable to do



Huntsville, AL

06/2006 – 06/2008

  • Get a chance to handle new projects and be responsible to search all the information related to it
  • Can guess the client’s interest and responsible to work
  • Can set up the time and manage to divide it to run for project and handle the task in the team
  • Be responsible to give creative ideas and details
  • Can use CAD, Computer Aided Design for work purpose
  • Handle the work and decide the concept and the style
  • Give suggestion and support for the creative work
  • Have great ability to visualize the ideas into real work
  • Responsible to arrange the furniture, measure the space, and choose the fabrics
  • Capable to find factories that helps the work
  • Capable to build strong and beneficial relationship with big vendors
  • Able to do quick decision in a precarious situation


EDUCATION                       New York SCHOOL OF INTERIOR DESIGN

                                                Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Designs



  • Have great communication skills
  • Able to display what is in mind on a clear designs
  • Able to create and to show a clear visions of the concept
  • Can build clear vision about the projects that will be handled
  • Offer professional works with details and creative ideas
  • Have balance ability of choosing colors
  • Can choose the materials that is needed for clients and have knowledge about it
  • Work with commitment and capable to do on time
  • Understand about materials such as fabrics
  • Always keep up with latest trends and styles
  • Always collect various information about style in any years
  • Have great understanding about style and understand about personal taste of doing the interior
  • Can work with team and adapt faster
  • Able to work at any condition and pressure


Interior Design Resume Sample


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