Intensive care unit registered nurse resume sample is a good reference when a candidate wants to write a resume. A resume will be an important document to be sent to the company in selection process. It will be the base of consideration of the recruiter to recruit. By using a resume, a candidate will be able to show their personal ability. It is simple but very important to make the recruiter knows who the candidate is. Then, a resume is also important in order to show the skills, experiences and achievements of a candidate. By showing those three matters, a candidate is able to claim that they are potential to be recruited. Here, we will show you a sample of a resume in order to make you know how to write and what to include inside it.

Sample of Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse Resume

Oscar Marvin

667 Constantin Black, Detroit, MI. Phone: +1 (555) 671 7781


Registered Nurse Intensive Care Unit Nights

Houston, TX

06/2016 – present

  • Creating and providing the material of training to the staff of sepsis care
  • Performing other job related duties as assigned by the manager or the charge nurse
  • Participating in departmental or the performance of hospital in order to improve the activities
  • Providing the respiratory and management of ventilator and the monitor for the patients
  • Providing the care for the patients requiring the monitoring of cardiac
  • Providing the care of nursing for the patients based on the interventions of respiratory

Registered Nurse Intensive Care Unit Days

New York, NY

07/2012 – 04/2016

  • Establishing the compassionate environment by providing the psychological, emotional and spiritual supports to the patients, friends and families
  • Providing the nursing care for the patients requiring the intervention of the cardiac emergencies
  • Performing the cardiovascular, neurological and assessment of respiratory
  • Participating in the orientation and training of the co-workers and the new employees
  • Instructing and educating the families and patients
  • Demonstrating the clinical knowledge of invasive and non-invasive temporary pacing
  • Demonstrating the clinical knowledge of auto transfusion collection
  • Returning of blood product to the patients

Registered Nurse Intensive Care Unit

Dallas, TX

04/2006 – 02/2012

  • Applying the knowledge of the principles of the development and growth
  • Participating in the performance improvement activities
  • Applying the judgment of nursing systematically
  • Maintaining the current nursing knowledge in order to assure a safe working environment
  • Providing the care and coordinating the participation following the mission and vision statements of the hospital
  • Participating in the activities to make a plan, measure, asses and improve the quality care of patients
  • Performing the direct care to the patients within the scope of the registered act of nurse practice


University of Arizona

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing



  • Good skills in communication both in verbal and written
  • Ability to learn quickly about the new things as it is related with the job desk
  • Ability to work under pressure and with the limited deadline
  • High attention to the detail
  • High responsibility about the task and the job desk
  • Working with high passionate
  • Good in working team
  • Able to work independently
  • Good skill in English


Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse Resume Sample

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