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ID card stands for identification card. This refers to any document used to prove someone’s identity. This document, if issued in small form and can be put in a pocket / wallet, is called an identity card. Photos in identity documents are commonly referred to as ID photos.

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In a situation where a person is unable to produce an official identity document, he or she can use a driver’s license. This driving license can be accepted in many countries to verify identity. However, there are also countries that do not accept driving licenses for identity verification. The reason is that driving licenses are easy to forge. Even so, passports are accepted in most countries as a form of identification.

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An identity card usually contains information that can be used to link the person to a database. Thus, the information listed often includes full name, date of birth, age, address, gender, nationality, card number, identification number, and other personal information.

The earliest personal identity documents were drawn up by King Henry V of England. He passed the Safe Conducts Act in 1414 which is considered the earliest passport identity. Most people didn’t have or needed identity documents during the next 500 and before World War I.

By 1876, photographic identification had appeared but it was not widely used. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that photographs became part of identity cards and passports. In 1915, the United States and Great Britain required ID photos after the Lody scandal.

Today, along with technological developments, identity cards have developed into various kinds. All of them have security features that are increasing day by day.


What are the types of ID cards?

1. General ID card

Common identity cards are the most common. This card only contains identity such as name, photo, date of birth, and nationality.

2. Magnetic ID card

Magnetic technology is used in ID cards to store user data. The characteristic of a magnetic ID card is that there is a black panel on the back of the card which, when swiped or inserted in the magnetic card reader, can read the data on it.

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3. RFID card

This card has a chip that can store all user information. Usually used for access to a building, elevator, attendance, etc.

4. Multipurpose ID card

This ID card can be used for various purposes other than self-identification. You can use it to pay cashless for transportation, parking fees, minimarkets, tolls, etc.

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If you need to make your ID card for identification purposes, we provide some ID card templates here, for example:

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