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Some jobs are paid on an hourly basis not per day or per month. This service and business payment is based on the hours of use of an item or the use of a service. The business owner certainly needs a contract invoice template to have a formal basis for payment for this type of work. You can download examples of hourly invoice templates that are ideal for this type of business here. We offer several examples of online invoices as follows:

  • Hourly Invoice Template
  • Sample Hourly Invoice Template
  • Self-Employment Hourly Invoice Template
  • Excel Hourly Invoice Template
  • Hourly Rate Invoice Template
  • Hourly Service Invoice Template
  • Free Hourly Invoice Template
  • Sample Hourly Invoice Template
  • Hourly Invoice Template Free Download
  • and many more!

In general, invoices contain the following detailed information:

  • The name of the service or goods provider, can be a company or freelancers
  • Company logos or freelances, if any
  • Company or office address
  • The customer’s name, complete with the title that must be written impeccably
  • Customer address for invoice billing
  • Number of items purchased or services used
  • Details of names of goods purchased or services used
  • The total that customers must pay
  • Payment due date
  • If necessary, convey the types of payment methods accepted
  • Sign of endorsement, can be a signature or company seal
  • Leave space to add more information manually if needed

The hourly invoice templates example that we provide contains the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive, presenting all information that must be in the invoice template before it is given to the customer.
  • Provide a detailed description of all services provided, employees responsible for these services, the number of hours needed, and the total amount to be paid to the service provider company.
  • Provide space to add logos, client information, shipping addresses, service descriptions, and business hours.

All templates are provided in various file formats such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, MS Excel, MS Word (Doc. and Docx.), Apple Numbers, Apple Pages, and PDF. Each template is particularly designed to meet the needs of the sample hourly invoice template. If you want to download the template, simply click the download button on each template. Download hourly invoice template here.


Sample Templates Hourly Invoice
Sample Templates hourly service invoice

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