A Free Hotel Receipt Template Sample

If you work at hotel or you are a hotel owner, of course you need to bill your clients or guests who stay at the hotel. To bill them, what you need is a hotel receipt. Different hotels may have different formats of their hotel receipt template. In this article, we will give you a sample as a reference.

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How to Write a Hotel Receipt Template

We have a hotel receipt template sample. You need to see the following sample to know how to write your own hotel receipt rightly. A hotel receipt must be started with a header at the top. You can simply write “Hotel Bill Receipt” to let the clients know that it is hotel bill.

Sample Hotel Receipt Word Templates

After that, you need to provide the information of the hotel. You can begin with the hotel’s name. It can be followed with the address of the hotel. You can also add the contact number of the hotel. If needed, any other information can also be added such as website and email.

Now, you should provide the details of the bill. You can start it with bill number. Then, the hotel receipt must also inform the number of the booked rooms of the hotel. Sometimes, a guest books more than one room for their family, friends, etc.


Still related to the room, you need to include the rate of room, too. One more, the room number should also be mentioned clearly. Next, what you should inform are date and time. It includes the date and time of check in & check out. The time must be stated specifically.

A hotel invoice template still provides other details of information. Next, you need to include “Room boarded by”. You should mention the full name clearly. After that, you also need to include his or her address as well as phone number. If there is any other required information, you can add it, too.

Sometimes, there are some other services provided besides the hotel room. You also must include it on the hotel receipt. For example, it relates to the food services. Here, you should include the name of the food services and quantity per unit. Then, state the total amount for the food services.

Besides food services, you can also add miscellaneous / other hotel services. If there is any other hotel service provided, it means you also need to state the rate of each service provided. In the last, you can calculate the total amount for the other hotel services.

In the last part, it must be clearly stated how much total amount of money the client needs to pay for all services provided by the hotel. The total amount must be bolded so that it can be seen and understood clearly.

A hotel receipt template must be given to the clients when they check out the hotel room. Once it is given to you, the clients must pay the receipt soon with the acceptable payment such as cash, via credit card, etc.


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