Hotels are a part that has a significant contribution in the service industry. What this industry ensures and upholds is the comfort and satisfaction that the guest who come to get. Because guests who come are the fastest media of promotion. If this happens, the hotel will send a hotel apology letter to the guest, which can be used as an alternative to peacefully solve the problem and create a positive impression on the guests’ eyes.

Artikel 110 Hotel Apology Letter to Guest

How Do You Write An Apology Letter To A Hotel Guest?

An apology letter is written in a formal or official letter format. This letter must include content about the problem that occurred, the solution given to fix the problem and a guarantee that it does not happen again. In addition to discussing issues and solutions to solve them, you can also include a little information about offers or discounts given to guests as a form of reward for mistakes that occur.

Everything included in terms of problems and solutions to gift offers is the best way to apologize. That disappointed customers feel better and are expected to give positive suggestions.

Here’s an example: hotel apology letter to guest.

How Do I Apologize to My Guest?

To apologize for mistakes that have occurred to customers when using the services provided by your hotel, you can do this by:

  1. Use the word sorry and sincere expressions of regret.
  2. Describe in detail and be specific about what happened.
  3. Validate and relate mistakes with customer feelings so that you can understand them correctly and accurately.
  4. Determine the company’s steps and decide to solve the problem and ensure that the inconvenience does not recur.
  5. Include contact information that can be contacted in the apology letter in anticipation that the customer will ask for other solutions or different actions.

How Do You Start A Sincere Apology Letter?

If you are not an expert or familiar, writing a hotel apology letter to the guest is not easy. Moreover, this letter contains an apology for the mistakes that occurred. Using the expression of apology can be done correctly and adequately.

  1. Include regrets using the word “I’m sorry.”
  2. Be honest and admit mistakes. It shows that you are serious about being responsible for any problems that arise.
  3. Describe what happened in detail.
  4. Make sure to have a plan in place to correct the error situation.
  5. Apologize. It will prove that you took the statement seriously.

How Do You Say Sorry in A Formal Letter?

An apology will vary depending on the situation and the need for correction. In the hotel apology letter to a guest, the word sorry must use formal grammar. Here are the words sorry that are suitable for formal letters, namely:

  1. I begged to accept my apology.
  2. I apologize. I didn’t mean
  3. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize the impact of a mistake
  4. We request to accept our deepest apologies for
  5. I ask to accept this formal apology

Hotel apology letter to guest is a form of formal request addressed to hotel owners to guests for errors. This letter is a bridge to correct mistakes so that the guest can be appropriately satisfied.

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