Horse Bill of Sale and What to Include Inside It

Although it is rare, horse also becomes the commodity of transaction. Yes, there are some agents selling the horse with some different purposes. Of course, selling horse is legal since it is unprotected animal by the law. However, you need to know horse bill of sale for the transaction.

Sample bill of sale for horse purchase Templates

As every transaction with the random item, a bill of sale is needed. It is an important document telling about the detail of the transaction. With the bill of sale, of course the transaction could be handled well and there will be some important information to show up.

Well, in this occasion, we will talk about some details of horse bill of sale, especially about the things to include inside the document. By knowing the things to insert, making this document will be easier. For those who are curious with it, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

How to Make a Horse Bill of Sale?

As we have said before, bill of sale is an important document for the transaction, including the transaction with horse as its object. Here, in order to make a good horse bill of sale, there are some matters that you need to insert there.

Sample bill of sale horse Templates

Some matters to write as the contents of the bill of sale for horse are:

  • Date of sale

For the first, in making the bill of sale in horse transaction, you need to write about the date of sale. The date of sale is quite important to write in order to make sure the detail and specific time of the transaction.

  • Description of product

Since the horse becomes the product of the transaction, you need to write about the condition of the horse. Here, you need to write about the detail physic of the horse, such as the color of the skin, the condition of tail and others.

In other hand, it is also nice when you add the information with some other details, such as the age of the horse, the origin of the horse and others. The detail information here is very useful in order to provide the transparent detail for the transaction.

  • Selling price

It is good when you write about the selling price there. Yes, the selling price is quite important since the transaction should be mentioned clearly. Here, to make a clear transaction, please mention the exact price of the horse. Then, complete it with telling about the payment method.

  • Identity of agents

In making a bill of sale, here you need to write about the identity of agents. Here, you need to write the full names, address and the signatures of the buyers and sellers. This matter is very important since bill of sale includes in a document of agreement.

Well, that is all about the horse bill of sale that you need to know. This document is quite important in order to make a clear transaction. You may do some researches in order to find a sample of it. Of course, the sample will be useful to help you write a good bill of sale in horse transaction.


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