Home health physical therapist resume sample must show the impressive experience, education and also the license that are needed for position. Besides, you also should write the skills in resume to offer the ideal patient maintenance in some of health setting for vital indicating the paper. Furthermore, the home physical therapist also should be skillful to work with the patients in the home to design and implement for customizing the plan and conference of their desires and requirement. So, the home therapist has to be experienced to work in the home to manage the physical and injuries.

Moreover, the home health physical therapist also should provide the excellent hands on the therapy patients especially in the residential setting. They also have to have extensive acquaintance of the physical disabilities and also program design. Therefore, the sample here will be helpful for you to write the best resume. Besides, your resume also should show the dedication of attitude and the abilities to work with precision, professionalism, and also compassion in the home or residence.

Mark Hughes

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EXPERIENCE                                                       Physical Therapist Home Health, New York

08/ 2014 – present

  • Observed and also evaluated the performance of the assisting in the physical therapy rehabilitation package and offer guidance as needed
  • Facilitated the effective communication among the clinical to provide the care for the patients
  • Achieved regularly diagnostic and also predictive tests to calculate the nerve, muscle, function abilities, and the joint.
  • Tailored expertly the conservative physical therapy methods for meeting the precise needs of individual patients in the home
  • Recommended tools and in-home alteration
  • Offered through assessment of the patient in the prior to design the appropriate and effective management idea
  • Adheres to ethnical business practices by striving the to perform in a method that will conform into the highest standard of ethical behavior

Home Therapist/ Home Health, Philadelphia

05/ 2010 – 01/ 2014

  • Operated together with the patients that agonize from demanding circumstances such as the back pain, painfulness, sport injuries, strokes, head injuries, etc.
  • Created the personalized home exercise program to outpatient therapy clients for educating the health and wellness for the patients
  • Help the patient with physical program to ease the restore function and also lessening the pain and debility for the patient
  • Executed a thorough examination for the patient’s fitness record prior for treatment
  • Collaborated with other medical workers to offer the best patient care potential
  • Conserved the detailed and ordered patient documentation to inform the condition of the patients

Home Health Physical Therapist, Los Angeles

02/ 2005 – 01/ 2010

  • Communicate the patients progress or their difficulties to overseer with patient scheduling and post cares daily to patient records
  • Educate the patient family to nurse the staff in follow-through the programs
  • Preserve the tools and also work area in the safe and clean condition
  • Offer the physical therapy services into the patients according to a written physician’s plan of care.

Education                                                            University of Tennessee

Doctoral degree in the physical therapy



  • Home health experience
  • Current and unrestricted the Physical Therapy License
  • Optimal patient care practices
  • Strong organizational and also communication skills both in written and spoken
  • Handle job responsibilities in accordance the company’s code of the business conduct, the Corporate Compliance Agreement and standard federal law
  • Gentle and skilled with therapy procedures
  • Advanced anatomy acquaintance
  • Medical language skilled
  • Pain management methods
  • Medicaid billing competencies and case management expert



Home Health Physical Therapist Resume Sample

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