Helicopter pilot resume sample will be important for you who want to apply for helicopter pilot. The sample will be helpful because it will lead you to write the proper resume. It has responsibilities to control and to fly the helicopter in safety condition. Besides, the typical duties for the job is creating flight plans, maintaining the contact with the personnel on the ground, inspecting the aircraft, and many more. In other words, you have to have great experience related to this job to impress the reader about your skills. Therefore, the idea candidate for the job is demonstrating flying experience, time management, landing and take-off proficiency, and many more. Education in flight training at an approved school is also needed because you have to knowledge about flying aircraft for this job.

Alexander Arnold

987 Delia Mission, Phoenix, AZ Phone: +1 (555) 786 9034


Experience                                         Helicopter Pilot, Utility Aviation, Detroit

09/ 2015 – present

  • Does other responsibilities and duties as consign
  • Makes and maintains a safety conscious work environment by leading and influencing other to follow Edison safety procedure and safe work observe
  • Perform public relation activities including managing and delivers the training
  • Stand for the county by attending the meeting, group of people meeting, seminars, and other participate in the personal organizations and serve on the related committees
  • Investigate flight details for assign task review score risk mitigation evaluation such as performance management, perform pre-flight inspection of company air-craft
  • Uphold pilot documentation
  • Conduct other jobs related duties as assigned
  • Can administer safety program, such as managing data and documentation, maintain annual audit, and also preparing program meeting
  • Oversee more than 20 personnel while challenging a Mediterranean deployment and execute a training plan that can promote on time or earlier

Flight instructor

09/ 2010 – 01/ 2015

  • Maintain both private and commercial pilot license course that range from 85 to 300 cumulative hours
  • Teach flight school students on the intend and operation of Bell 206 and also Bell 407 helicopter model
  • Straight flight documentation test in agreement with Federal Aviation Administration guidelines
  • Instruct course participants everything from aircraft design, maintenance needs, and emergency strategies
  • Work together with class schedule with other instructor and helped in the hiring of new staff
  • Organize all aspects of pre-mission planning
  • Schedule aircraft and aircrew during monitoring crew rest needs

Education                                            Commercial Pilot License – Helicopter

                                                                Advanced Avionic Flight School

                                                                Certified in Flight Instructor license


  • Working understanding of flight system and in air operation procedure
  • Expertise to operate rotorcraft
  • Great understanding of aircraft part and maintenance requirement
  • Ability to handle the rigors of a stressful work environment
  • Federal, State, Local and County applicable laws, rules, regulation, and guideline
  • Control helicopter safely under unpleasant condition
  • Problem- solving and decision – making
  • Great skills in communication both verbal and written
  • Business letter writer, punctuation, and grammar preparation
  • Able to operate computer equipment including word processing, spreadsheet, database and many software packages
  • Standard of helicopter operation such as aerodynamics, airplane limitations, crisis procedures, external load, aerial save, instrument flight method, and many more


Helicopter Pilot Resume Sample


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