Handyman resume sample job description is to do all sorts of maintenance duties, be it for homeowners or even businesses. If we go into details, one has to be able to perform basic tasks that include painting and filling crevices, clean facilities, and more. Of course, the handyman must be capable of repairing all the machinery, equipment, and appliances used by the company as the one.

Mariana Vinstockey

3002 Otis Street, Stillwater, OK, Phone: +1 (405) 477 4781


                                                Stillwater, OK

                                                10/2015 – Present

  • Perform cleaning and maintenance as scheduled by the manager to get the daily job done
  • Conduct any tasks related to landscaping and perform good job in maintaining the exterior
  • Oversee the service, building repair, and maintenance contractors with the company manager
  • Provide assistance in any trash pickup activities, such as putting the containers in and out
  • Work in accordance with the standard policies and operating procedures by the management of the company
  • Follow the standard precautions for every work done to make sure the safety of everything


San Francisco, CA

05/2012 – 06/2015

  • Check on the landlord’s delivery of services and have it assessed to help the facility management
  • Be ready and prepared at all times to work out of the normal hours for the need of emergency calls
  • Repair and maintain the paint to follow the direction of the chief engineer or fulfill the work order
  • Perform the routine activities and perform all sorts of repair and improvement works
  • Build productive working relationships, develop them further, and maintain them all
  • Follow the work instructions, safe working practices, as well as the method statements


Stillwater, OK

03/2009 – 01/2012

  • Provide assistance in the need of taking care of room allocation for the staff plans, be it the incoming or ongoing one
  • Assist the employees who leave the services regarding the exit formalities and other related necessities
  • Check on the systems for fire detection and protection and ensure that they function well as needed
  • Take care of various repair works, including ones for the wood, walls, doors, and floors
  • Conduct maintenance activities by basing the performance on the alarm systems
  • Hire the maintenance workers and train them so they are ready to assign maintenance tasks to


                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Housing Maintenance and Assistance


  • Good understanding in electrical, plumbing, water system, heating system, and others at decent enough level
  • Great communication skills in verbal and written form and capability to speak foreign languages, especially English
  • Decent knowledge in legislation of health and safety fields, and ability to apply the knowledge during the work as needed
  • Capability to operate and function the power and hand tools well for every need and every task as assigned
  • Capability to take care of multi tasks at once and get the job done in fast paced working environment at the company
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