Half Marathon Pace Chart and Things to Know Inside It

Marathon running today becomes one of interesting sports to follow. This sport is very nice in order to show the level of energy and the strategy to win the game. However, beside the marathon and its running, there is half marathon pace chart that is also interesting to be known.

marathon pace chart 09

Yes, the chart is an interesting and also an important part of the marathon competition. It will collect the time of the participant in fulfilling the route of marathon. This chart is called as half marathon pace because the distance that should be finished is around 13.1 mile.

In this occasion, we will talk about some details of the chart of half marathon pace. For those who are curious with the detail of it, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

Uses of Chart of Half Marathon Pace

To know more about the detail of half marathon pace chart, it is important for you to know the uses of this chart. Yes, knowing the uses of the chart will help you to know why this document is important. At least, there are several uses of this chart that you need to know, as:

  • Showing the result of running

For the first, the chart is important in order to show the result of marathon competition. By making the chart, you as the committee of the competition could see the winner easily.

  • Showing the detail time of pace

The chart is also nice to show the detail time of pace from the participants of the marathon. By this chart, you may see the record of the participant. Of course, it will be good when you want to make a report when there is new record of pace occurred.

marathon pace chart 10


The Marathon Tips

Well, here we also will talk about the tips of marathon. Knowing some tips about marathon sometimes could be the solution to help you increasing the ability of this competition. Yes, with the tips, your skills could be increased well and of course you could reach your target and win the competition.

marathon pace chart 11

Some tips about marathon that could be your consideration to do are:

  • Quality over quantity of runs – here, you may train the skill of marathon with at least three runs per week. The training is divided into three menus, as threshold pace, sprint session and long slow run.
  • Don’t increase the distance more than 10% per week – it is important for you to make a strategy in increasing the distance of marathon.
  • Check the marathon route – before you join with the competition, it is important for you to check the route of marathon. It could be one of the best strategy. By knowing the route, you could prepare and manage the stamina well.
  • Practice nutrition – marathon needs high energy by its long route. In this case, you need to prepare the condition of body by fulfilling the daily nutrition.

Well, that is all about the half marathon pace chart and tips to win it. For further information, you may do some researches to find the example of chart.


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