A grade appeal letter is usually sent to the dean of a faculty stating about a student’s complaint dealing with the score they get. Mostly, it is because of the low grade that is considered to be unfair for the students. To do so, each faculty has its procedures and one of them is to write a grade appeal letter saying

83 What should a grade appeal letter say

What are the procedures of grade appeal?

To ask for a grade appeal, there are several procedures that the student has to go through which will be different based on the faculty’s regulations. However, you may take a look at the procedures below for references.

  1. The first thing to do is to contact the lecturer/instructor who is in charge of examining your work and giving out the score. Here, you need to be able to arrange a meeting with the instructor to talk about the grade appeal.
  2. Explain to the lecturer by showing some evidence and reasons about the request for a grade appeal. To do so, you need to recognize the criteria of each grade and the standard of the scoring.
  3. After talking to the instructor yet there is still no difference in requesting for a grade appeal, then you may try to send a grade appeal letter to the academic committee of the faculty who are responsible to respond to the grade appeal letter.
  4. Within a certain time, your work will be reviewed by the committee and they will inform you directly after the result has been made.


How to write a grade appeal letter template?

For those who experience their first time writing for a grade appeal letter, ensure to follow the guidelines written below.

  1. Write the student’s identity to start the letter, such as the student’s full name, the university’s name, address, and student ID number.
  2. Ensure to provide the current date when the letter is written below the student’s information.
  3. Address the letter to the instructor by writing down the instructor information. It is pretty similar to the student’s information. It includes the instructor’s name, the address of the faculty, and the name of the university.
  4. Begin the letter with a formal salutation. You may write ‘Dear Prof. (name of the instructor),’.
  5. In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and inform the instructor about the objective of the letter. Clearly define the project/work you are going to ask for a grade appeal.
  6. In the body of the letter, explain thoroughly and briefly the reasons for the grade appeal. Ensure you bring convincing evidence based on the appropriate scoring standards.
  7. Close the letter with a thank you statement for their consideration of your grade appeal request. Don’t forget the formal closing salutation and your name and signature at the end of the letter.

Important things you should know about the grade appeal letter

Requesting for a grade appeal is only based on the professional misjudgment of the instructor which is based on the academic standard of the faculty. If you think the instructor has made such a misjudgment, then ensure you are able to provide evidence and write the letter not more than two weeks after the score/result has been made.


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