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Funeral programs are printed documents that are distributed to participants at a funeral. Funeral programs, often also referred to as funeral orders, pamphlet orders, or funeral brochures, underline important points in funerals or memorial services. Funeral programs also write down the achievements of the deceased. Along with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, funeral programs are also now widely distributed electronically through memorial websites, social media, and emails.

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The parties responsible for making funeral programs are family and funeral home. They can choose to use funeral program templates accordingly.


What SHOULD is in a funeral program template

In general, the Funeral Program Template must be able to meet the following requirements:

1. Provide an area where you can write information about the deceased person’s identity

Here is a typical information that is usually in a funeral brochure:

  • deceased person’s full name
  • deceased person’s maiden name
  • deceased person’s date of birth
  • deceased person’s date of death
  • time, place, and date of the funeral and burial
  • the name of the surviving family members
  • pallbearers
  • officiant
  • the person delivering the eulogy’s full name
  • the titles and artists of the songs being played or sung
  • titles and references of the poems being read
  • titles and references to any readings being read during funeral

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2. Cover photos

Memories of a person’s lifetime are most easily illustrated through photographs of his lifetime, from the beginning of life to the end.

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3. Favorite things and hobbies

Books, songs, poems, favorite TV shows or that remind people closest to him during his life can be written in this section.

funeral program psd templates

4. Anecdotes

Often, the people closest to the deceased person are so fond of him that they are happy to write anecdotes about his closest friend. Choose a template that can accommodate their works.

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5. Sentiments of gratitude

Sentiments of gratitude are usually given by family, friends and closest relatives of the deceased one to guests who have attended the funeral service.


What SHOULD NOT be in a funeral program template

1. Not personalized enough

Give a more polished and personalized look and feel to the funeral program you made by picking the most appropriate funeral program template, adding clipart, inserting information about the deceased one, and customizing the template.

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2. Using a design that is too fancy, colorful, and childish

Funeral is a sacred procession. For this reason, a design that seems unprofessional, childish, and informal must be avoided.


Funeral Program Template Examples

We provide funeral program templates that are compliant with funeral brochure authorship standards in general, including:

  • Sample Order of Service for Green Burial Procession Template
  • The Funeral Service Notes Template
  • Order of Service Template
  • Orfer for Obituary Service Template
  • Free Funeral Programs Template
  • Memorial / Funeral Service Outline and Notes Template
  • Funeral Sample Program Template
  • Funeral Sample Order of Service Template
  • Funeral Program Worksheet Template
  • Memorial Service Programs Template
  • Funeral and Requiem Eucharist Template
  • Editable Funeral Templates
  • Standard & Premium Order of Service Brochure Template
  • Alumni Memorial Service Template
  • Secular Funeral Program Template
  • Funeral Bulletin Template

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Funeral Program Design Ideas

funeral program psd templates

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