Free Genogram Template and Things to Know Inside It

Do you ever hear about the genogram template? Well, this template is an important document in order to make you know about the whole of your family. There are some kinds of the free genogram template that will help you in order to make the family tree to trace your origins.

Genogram Template 15

Yes, the genogram comes with the gen as its basic form. It means that this template tells about the relations inside the family and you may see the compositions of both physical and mental issues using this template.

In other hand, the genogram is also useful for the medical reason. With this kind of the template, of course the medic will be able to know the history of disease during giving treatments.


Who Use Genogram

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Well, before finding the right genogram template, there are some matters that you need to know about it. The one of the most important thing to know about this matter is who need the genogram. This template is needed by some different agents with different purposes, as:

  • Therapist

Therapist will need the genogram in order to figure the relation of family. By knowing it, they will be able to give the relationship of family and the patterns. By knowing the detail of it, a therapist will be able to analyze the family and help them to deal with the current issues.

  • Couple

The genogram is also needed by the couple. Here, the genogram will be useful in order to help the husband and the wife to know and to learn the patterns of each other. This matter will be useful in order to respond the stressful situation, to handle the conflict or intimacy and others.

  • Medical professional

The medical professional is also important for the hand of medical professional. Yes, by using the detail genogram template, the medical professional will be able to understand the patient with the better understanding. They also will be able to know about the genetic and history of patient.


How to Make the Template of Genogram?

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In order to make this best template, there are some ways that you need to do. Well, there are some ways in how to make this template that you may follow in order to make best document as you want.

The detail ways to make it are:

  • Collect the information of family

The first thing to do in order to make a genogram is collecting the information of family. Since the genogram tells about the detail of family, every information about the family should be known well.

  • Start creating the genogram

When you have collected the information of family, you may start creating the genogram. Here, you may use drawing or using the computer program in making it.

  • Set the layout

Do not forget to see the detail layout in making the genogram. The layout is important to make a clear genogram and to help the readers knowing it in details.

Well, that is all about the genogram. You may do some researches in order to find the right free genogram template to use.



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