Food Labeling Specialist job description is to review, update, and approve labeling designs. The specialist will ensure that the label designs meet federal regulations.

Food Labeling Specialist Resume Example

Cesar Gonzales

3208 Karen Lane, Louisville, KY, 40202, Phone: +1 (502) 832-8789



Louisville, KY

02/2017 – present

  • Expert in food product development and processes
  • Analyze trends, provide suggestions and solutions in developing new product names and brands
  • Assist related teams in developing and providing training on labeling methods, labeling trends, and labeling changes that may impact brands or coordinated brands
  • Leading the improvement of labeling system and processes
  • Identify and provide solutions to overcome strategic and tactical regulatory issues related to food labeling
  • Provide training on regarding current and emerging food labeling issues and opportunities and related impacts
  • Provide regulatory guidelines and answer questions related to new product and reformulated concepts



San Francisco, CA

01/2015 – 01/2017

  • Good knowledge in food product development and processes
  • Identify and provide resolution to strategic and tactical regulatory issues pertaining to food labeling
  • Collaborate with the authorities to identify and provide resolutions to resolve regulatory and tactical issues related to food labeling
  • Actively participate in the development of training and regulations, new labeling trends, and labeling method changes that may impact the organization’s brand or coordinated brand



Los Angeles, CA

08/2013 – 11/2014

  • Assist in preparing cooking utensils, such as but not limited to, pans, ovens, scales, and slicers in the store
  • Train personnel in preparation of and during Grand Openings
  • Update training manuals if needed
  • Monitor policies and procedures
  • Make shop calls to check distributions, tags, voids, out of stocks, and correct any conditions exists where necessary
  • Conduct daily and weekly training to prepare, fabricate, handle, decorate, and display properly of the client’s products with the assigned store




Bachelor’s Degree in Food Processing



  • Languages : Bilingual English and Spanish
  • Excellent knowledge of food product development and processes
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to multi-task, handle multiple projects simultaneously
  • Patient, detailed oriented, goal-oriented, and highly-motivated

food labeling specialist resume sample

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