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“Flow Process Charts” were first introduced by industrial engineers Frank and Lillian Gilbreth in 1921. They introduced this method at a meeting attended by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Then, in the early 1930s, industrial engineer Allan H. Morgensen used the Gilbreth method to present more efficient conferences to business people in his company. This method was popularized by two Morgensen students, Art Spinager and Ben S. Graham in the 1940s. Then, in 1947, ASME adopted the symbol system for the Flow Process Chart which was inspired by Gilbreths’s work. Flow charts are also used to develop computer programs as was done by Herman Goldstine and John van Heumann in the late 1940s. Kaoru Ishikawa stated that flowcharts are one of the main tools for ensuring quality control besides Check Sheets, Cause-and-Effect Diagrams, and Histograms. The use of all these tools is also known as Ishikawa Diagram.

Flow Chart example psd design

Various Flowchart Symbols and their meanings

Here are the various Symbols Flowcharts and their meanings:

  1. A rectangle represents the process
  2. The rounded rectangle represents the start / end, also known as the Terminator
  3. A rectangle with a curved bottom represents the input or output of a document
  4. Rhombus represents “Decision”
  5. The circle represents the connector
  6. The down arrow represents the off-page connector / link symbol
  7. The parallelogram represents the input / output, often also referred to as the data symbol
  8. The curly close mark represents the comment / note symbol


What SHOULD be in a flow chart template

After knowing what a flow chart is and its uses, you should also know which template is suitable for you to use. Usually, the template has the following characteristics:

1. Easily integrated into Power Point or similar applications

Your main goal is to design a flow chart so that it can be presented to the audience properly and clearly. Therefore, you must ensure that the flowchart template you use is easily exported or integrated into the software you want to use, in this case Power Point, Google Slides, etc.

2. Easily customizable

Sometimes, the flow chart you want to make is quite or even very complex. You need a template that can accommodate this complicated form of flow chart.

3. Using interesting elements

A good flowchart can attract the attention of the audience. So, use flowcharts with clear shapes, readable fonts, and color accents that match the overall design of your presentation / writing.

Flow Chart psd templates

What SHOULD NOT be in a flow chart template

1. Does not have the required elements

It would be very difficult to work with flow chart templates that don’t have the elements you need. Check first whether the template you are using accommodates the form / symbol of the flowchart that you want to include in your presentation / writing.

2. Use forms that cannot be exported to the application that you are currently using

If the template you are using has an eccentric design, examine in advance whether the shapes can be exported to the software that you are using to do the presentation or not.

Flow Chart templates psd

Flow Chart psd templates

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