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Flash card is a card that contains information on both sides. The purpose of making flash cards is to help someone memorize information. On the one hand, the flash card contains questions. Then, on the other hand, the flash card contains the answer to the question.

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Flash cards are often used as a means of memorizing vocabulary, math formulas, historical dates, and other information that can be studied using a “question and answer” format. A flash card can be a physical object (real card) or part of a flashcard software even online.

Research reveals that learning using the flashcard method improves long-term memory. Spaced repetition has also been shown to speed up learning material. You can use spaced repetition software programs that apply these principles to help you learn.

Judging from its usefulness, exercises using flashscards stimulate a mental process called active recall. This mental process is that if someone is prompted with a question, his reaction is to answer the question.

In addition to a system called spaced repetition, there is another system developed from the flashcard method, namely the Leitner system. This system was developed by Sebastian Leitner, a science journalist from Germany, in the 1970s. This system is a simple implementation of the spaced repetition principle, which is a system that reviews flashcards at increasing intervals.

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If you want to use the flashcard method for studying, you can use two-sided physical cards. The way to use it is one side for questions and the other side for correct answers. You just have to flip the card to find out the answers to the questions on the flash card.

You can also use two parallel decks, as they are used to learn foreign language vocabulary. It has been proven that flashcards are very effective for learning foreign language vocabulary. Flashcards can help people learning a foreign language memorize vocabulary more easily and learn to recognize words more flexibly.

Flash Card in photoshop

If you have difficulties in setting up your own flash cards, you can use our Flash Card Templates here for free. Choose the best flash card design to your liking, download, modify, and print them in sturdy papers. Here are some flash card templates examples that you can download from our website:

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Here are tips for making flash cards that are effective for learning

1. Create your own flash card

Using pre-made flash cards can be an advantage in itself if you have a lot of material to learn in a short time. However, in most cases, you will remember the content of your flash cards better if you make them yourself.

2. Combine pictures and words

Adding illustrations or pictures on your flash card will make your flash card easier to remember. This is called the Picture Superiority Effect.

3. Take advantage of mnemonic devices to make your flash card more memorable

Mnemonic devices are anything that can help you associate two pieces of information in your mind. Mnemonic devices can be acronyms, rhymes, and associative images.

Flash Card in psd design

4. Only write one question per card

Writing more than one question or fact on a flash card will make you more prone to mistakes in recognition and recall. So, just write one question and one answer on a flash card.

5. Break complex concepts into multiple questions

As a follow up to the tips above, complex concepts need to be broken down into several concepts so that they are easy to understand.

6. Say aloud the answers on your flash card while studying

When studying alone, you may find it sufficient to study quietly. However, this turned out to be not very effective. Simply saying your answer out loud before checking the answer makes you commit to your answer before cheking it.

7. Study your flash cards from both sides

You will build strong neural pathways when you review your flash card from both sides. If you are reluctant to do so, you may only be able to recall the facts from one side of the flash cards.

8. Keep on learning using a variety of other methods

Flash cards are just one method of learning. You also need to study using other methods such as mind maps, answering quizzes, and answering descriptions.

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