Engineering student resume sample is the assistance that will be useful to help you making a resume when you want to get a new position as an engineering student. As we know, resume will be the first document to write for those who want to join with new place. By using a resume, a candidate is able to show who they are by writing about their personal identity. In other hand, a resume is also able to be used as the way of explaining about the skills, achievements and experiences, so they could claim as potential candidate. In this occasion, we will show you the sample of a resume. Through seeing the sample of a resume, of course making a resume will be easier to do and you will know what to include inside a resume.

Sample of Engineering Student Resume

George Washington

76182 Kessler Glens, Chicago, IL. Phone: +1 (555) 991 6271


Co-Op Students Engineering

Phoenix, AZ

09/2014 – present

  • Working on the matching of history and developing the new wellbore tools of modeling
  • Developing and managing the tools in order to help the process of tracking data, which is used for the reporting of analysis and metrics
  • Assisting the development of the production profiles in order to support the long-term planning
  • Understanding and optimizing the current production as well as development and implementing the strategies of production for the future SAGD or Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage development using the concept of thermodynamics
  • Assisting the completion of the working package of engineering and the package of material requisition
  • Understanding and optimizing the current operation
  • Developing, maintaining and implementing the long-term depletion planning and making the forecast by using the simulation of numerical
  • Assisting the development of standards of mine planning, policies and system
  • Designing the infrastructure of mine-site
  • Doing other kinds of development activities

Engineering Co-Op Student

San Francisco, CA

07/2007 – 05/2014

  • Assisting in the development of the procedure of engineering department related to the design and the database of electronic design.
  • Maintaining the strict adherence to the company and the regulations and procedures of engineering department
  • Working closely with the supporting department
  • Hourly employing in order to provide the tools and the training in order to increase the productivity of the job
  • Performing the ergonomic evaluation for the kinds of stations of working
  • Assisting with the preparation of appropriation request
  • Saving the improvement of the projects
  • Participating in the continuous improvement and assisting in the implementation on the ongoing basis
  • Supporting the improvement of the manufacturing process and the capabilities of machine in order to meet the standards of product specification and the quality


San Diego State University

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering



  • Ability to lift and to carry up to 36lbs
  • Ability to use the kinds of industrial assembly equipment, when it is instructed
  • Ability to work outside the standard of working hours, including the weekends and the off-shifts
  • Ability to work in the environment of the industrial manufacturing
  • Providing the assistance to the department leads
  • Researching the technical and administrative
  • Performing the ergonomic evaluation of the stations of working
  • Evaluating and identifying the best ways of the flow of internal material
  • Participating in the kinds of the mechanical parts and tools

Engineering Student Resume Sample


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