EMT resume sample could be the helper when someone wants to make a resume. As it is known, a resume is an important document for those who want to apply a new job. By writing the resume, the candidate could show who they are as the consideration of the recruiter.

Inside the resume, you need to show the detail of your personal explanation, skills, experience and achievement. Those matters will be the consideration by the recruiters. Then, through the information, you are also able to declare that you are the special candidate to be approved.

Sample of EMT Resume

Michael Waylon

7623 Danika Stream, Dallas, TX. Phone: +1 (555) 236 1928


EMT Basic

San Fransisco, CA

04/2016 – present

  • Maintains and ensures the proper sanitation and cleaning all kind of equipment with the work areas between the donors
  • Identifies the detail and potential areas to get the improvement of care
  • Interface the peer and customers effectively and assumes the responsibility of the professional development, especially for each department policy
  • Maintains the level and the type of the certification. Consistent with the performing tasks in the system that is applied
  • Trained to performa all kinds of duties with the maximal result
  • Performed other duties as it is asked
  • Maintain ambulance in the clean condition and as the working order. Performs the regular and routine inspection prior to sate operation

EMT Basic

Detroit, MI

11/2019 – 12/2015

  • Perform other duties as assigned including the specific of the local operation
  • Arrive at the work location on time and filling the shift greatly
  • Assists the paramedic and the nurse with the preparation of the great life support tool and equipment
  • Review and do verification of the employee hours to get better accuracy. Assist in recording and maintaining the attendance of employee record and the functions of play roll
  • Participate in the program of community in order to maintain the AMR image and establish the relation of community
  • Participate in maintaining the clean and safe environment.
  • Practice fiscal responsibility in order to get balance supplies, equipment and better time management


Philadelphia, PA

04/2004 – 07/2009

  • Assist in determining the cause of the unsafe condition and the claim of injury based on the procedure, equipment and the facilities inspection and the observation of worker
  • Provide the triage and first aid in order to provide the safe conditions
  • 6 months working as the EMT and get the accredited EMS agency
  • Review the planning or project work in order to get the accuracy program with the standard
  • Assist in the health environmental and the audit of safety program, training and coaching
  • Uses the performance improvement in order to improve the safety of patient
  • Decreased waste, improved process, improved overall productivity and improved the satisfaction of customers


State University of Virginia

Bachelor’s Degree in Safety


  • Gets EMT basic certification from South Carolina
  • Ability to communicate in English fluently in both written and verbal
  • Maintains the professional competence and demonstrates concern
  • Knowledge of the common physical illness, terminology of medical and symptoms of obvious
  • Knowledge and experiences in department
  • Use the professional knowledge and skills in any enterprise

EMT Resume Sample

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