Donation receipt template should include information as specific as possible about the donation value and also what was received by the donor in return. You can find many samples of this template but here we will share the guidelines how to make it by your own.

Sample Church Donation Receipt Word Templates


How to Write a Donation Receipt Template

You have to understand about the rules if you want to create a donation receipt form by your own. You must know step by step to follow and what to include in the template. For more detailed guidelines, let’s see the following explanation.

Sample Donation Tax Receipt Doc Templates

First of all, you have to decide the form of the donation template. In fact, this can be made in different options of form. You can make it as a letter. It can also be a postcard. Even more, you can make a donation receipt in email. A filled form & hand to the donor also becomes an option.

A donation receipt must include detailed information. What you have to provide first is your name followed with your status. Besides your charity name, it is also important to state that you are a non-profit party. It means you have a 501c3 status under the federal government.

After providing your charity name, you should state the name of the donor. It aims to make the template to be valid. If it is not stated on the check / other statement, you can ask for his or her name when he or she gives the donation.

Then, the donation information should be clear and detailed. It includes that date when the donation was given. Besides that, you also must state the donation amount. You also need to add description if the donation is not in cash. If it is a vehicle, you should include its VIN number.

In the form of donation receipt, you also need to declare if the donor receives goods in returns or not. In fact, the IRS creates a distinction between those kinds of donation. It is because only the amount which exceeds the services or goods is surely considered tax deductible.

If the donation is in form of vehicle over 500 dollars, there are some kinds of extra information to be included, especially if you turn around & sell that vehicle. However, if the vehicle’s price is less than 500 dollars, you may only use the standard donation receipt.

If needed, it is also a good idea to add disclosure statements. In fact, different states may have different laws that regulate nonprofits. Some require you to include a disclosure statement but some others do not.

Lastly, the donation receipt should be signed off. It aims to make the document legal. Once you finish creating the form, you may have some copies and let both you and the donor have the form of donation receipt.

After you make this donation receipt template, it is a good idea to create a thank you letter. However, it should be separated from the donation receipt. It does not matter how much the donation is, thank you letter will always be very good.


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