How to Make a Dog Bill of Sale Form

Dog bill of sale is used for a legal transfer of animals from the seller and the buyer. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not understand how to make the template. If you want to know how to write it, we will give you the complete guidelines.

Sample Dog Bill of Sale 001 Templates


How to Write a Dog Bill of Sale

If you are a dog breeder or owner and want to sell the dog, you will need to make a puppy bill of sale. This form is required when a dog is sold to the buyer. Selling dogs can be caused by various factors. Anyway, it is very important to learn how to write that form.

Sample Dog Bill of Sale 002 Templates

The form of bill of sale for dogs should provide the following needed information. First of all, you have to state the purchase date. So, when a dog is sold, you should directly make the bill of sale. The date cannot be wrong so that you have to be very careful.

After that, you must provide the information about the seller, breeder or owner. At least, there are 2 kinds of information to be included. The first is the name and the second one is the address. However, you can also add other needed information like phone number.

Then, you also need to include the same information of the buyer. You must state his or her name & address clearly and rightly. If there is other important information, it is also a good idea to add the information. Make sure that you write the full name and complete address.

In the dog bill of sale template, you also cannot forget to include the price of purchase. If there is more than one dog to be sold, you should state the price of each dog. In fact, different dogs may have different prices depending on the type, age, and other factors.

Now, you must provide the detailed description of the dog. Here, you can inform the dog’s name, breed, DOB, sex, color, registration number, health state, and any other needed information. The more detailed description the better it will be. Make sure that it is appropriate to the real condition.

You have to consider deposits, too. Deposits are needed when a puppy being sold is less than eight weeks old & the puppy cannot leave its mother yet. However, if the puppy can leave its mother even it is less than eight weeks old, you do not need deposits.

Sometimes, the seller gives a warranty to the buyer. So, it must be stated clearly in the bill of sale template whether there is a warranty or not in that purchase. If there is a warranty, it must be described as detailed and clear as possible.

After you fill out the dog bill of sale completely, you cannot forget to provide signatures by both seller and buyer. Signatures become the proof than the agreement is reached between two parties in the transaction. The signatures must be hand-written can original.


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