Dishwasher job description the framework of this position is in the janitorial side and in the kitchen area. The person will do various of tasks such as bussing and cleaning the table, washing the dishes, emptying the trash receptacles, capable to clean the floors and scrubbing the floors, do the receptacles, restocking items and doing other related things.

Mitchell Armstrong

1880 Hawk Eye Road, Eugene, OR, 97402, Phone: +1 (514) 5445441



                                                Eugene, OR

                                                04/2017 – present

  • Have long years experiences in the field and know how to handle the kitchen cleaning area in a perfect performance as seen in the dishwasher resume sample
  • Capable to do clean appliances, tools, and machines in an effective frame of work
  • Work with commitment, and be honest
  • Capable to build communicative approach with teams
  • Can do arrange the schedules and arrange the time frame work of the assigned tasks
  • Capable to prioritize the tasks and work under safe regulations and right procedures
  • Ensuring the clean dished availability in the kitchen
  • Be a good manager that can handle all of the tasks to run smoothly
  • Preparing the dining areas and capable to arrange the shift to work it
  • Can taking out trash, rinsing garbage cans, sweeping and mopping floors, and other stuff
  • Support the kitchen and restaurants staff and help to assist the task



Medford, OR

08/2013 – 02/2017

  • Handle the portion of the works with the team and handle the members to work based on the rules and regulations
  • Train the new members to work in the fast paced process
  • Compile tasks and arrange it into order
  • Work with dedication and organized way
  • Do the duties with perfect performance
  • Do removing the soiled plates and other stuff
  • Clean and sweep the tables from dirt stuff
  • Washing the tools in a clean way
  • Capable to work in effective way and process
  • Capable to set up and reset the tools and table arrangements
  • Do restock the items and ensure the stock of the tools and products
  • Load and unload the stuff from the delivery trucks
  • Capable to create plan and preparation for cleaning schedules in various projects
  • Capable to help the preparation of the cook station



Portland, OR

05/2009 – 05/2013

  • Capable to work in various type of tasks
  • Clean the kitchen area, including washing the kitchen tools, brushing the kitchen floor, and arranging the tools
  • Can bussing the tables in the restaurants, kitchen, and other places
  • Washing the dishes and do the appliances
  • Do the emptying the trash receptacles
  • Scrubbing the floors and capable to do restocking the items
  • Ensure the dining areas, kitchen, and other areas are clean
  • Capable to do all of the stuff in a quick time and in the order of the time
  • Have good interpersonal skills to handle guests
  • Can do past paced work area by giving best performance
  • Can work in the culinary environment


EDUCATION                       BOBSON COLLEGE

                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Marketing



  • Have been graduated from College
  • Have great communication skills for both verbal and written
  • Works with tactful, passionate, and details
  • Have minimal 3 years work experience in the field
  • Have strong ability to solve problems
  • Capable to create, build, and maintain communication with customers, suppliers, and company
  • Have excellent interpersonal skill
  • Can work in shift
  • Capable to work individually and build teamwork with team
  • Capable to work for 8 hours or more by standing or walking
  • Can lift around 20 pounds more or less
  • Capable to compile stuff
  • Can organize and collect the data
  • Willing to work under regulation and safety process
  • Work with optimism and compassionate


Dishwasher Resume Sample

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